Kerygma Theme

Introducing The Kerygma Church Theme

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our latest theme, Kerygma. In case you were wondering the name is the Greek word for preaching. We selected the name to reflect the themes emphasis on drawing visitors in through messages. While all of our church themes support podcasting, Kerygma takes the art to a new […]

Elite 1.2 Update

Since it’s release in October, Elite has been our best selling theme. It’s a fantastic way to show off and sell your products. Since we started using it here at Organized Themes to run our own store back in late November, our sales have gone up significantly. But even with that success, there’s always room […]

Advanced Child Theme Usage

Click here to go back to our child theme setup index.   So far in our child theme series we’ve looked at how to create a basic child theme and also how to take it a bit further by overriding template files. This time we’re going to look at some more advanced usage by replacing […]

Bottega Theme Update

Today we’re releasing an update to our Bottega theme. This was our first restaurant theme was it was released back in September of 2010 and it’s still a great choice for restaurants today, three and a half years later. We’re always striving to make our themes better so your visitors have a great experience on […]

Doing More With Child Themes

Click here to go back to our child theme setup index.   In our earlier post on child themes, we looked at how to create a basic one and modify the parent theme via the child theme’s CSS. Now we’re going to take our child theme up another level by using it to modify a […]

Sunsetting of IE 8 Support

Microsoft has announced that as of April 8, 2014 they will no loner support Windows XP. Since Internet Explorer 8 is only available with XP, we will also stop providing support for that browser at that time. That does not mean however that your site will cease to work in IE 8. Nothing with existing […]

Umami, Our Newest Theme Flavor

Today we’re excited to announce our latest WordPress theme, Umami. This is our fourth restaurant focused theme and we think it’s the best one yet. It has an attractive design that is easy to customize and flexible too. Food Menus With Umami we’ve refined our food menu options even further. You can can customize and […]

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