Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal and Stripe. Both also give you the ability to pay with your Credit Card.

While Stripe may not always be visible. You can request to pay via Stripe (Credit Card) if you do not wish to pay using PayPal. We will activate it for you.

We do not recommend using an eCheck as they take approximately a week to clear.

All prices are in USD.

How secure is my payment info?

Very secure! We do not store any payment details on our server.

When will I be billed?

All packages are billed at the time of purchase. Authorisation takes place in real time and you will be given immediate access to your themes after successful authorized payment.

Can I use my theme on WordPress.com?

Please note that there is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

When you host your site with WordPress.com, they give you the hosted version of WordPress. Depending on which plan you are using, they may allow you to install your own themes and plugins. Their lower-cost plans do not allow that. Please confirm that with them first.

If you use the self-hosted WordPress (from the .org website), then you can install WordPress in any hosting company and you are free to use any theme and plugin, with no plan limitations.

We offer hosting, under our other businesses, that is fully compatible with the self-hosted WordPress and our themes. We have 4 businesses that offers hosting in reliable, secure servers.

They also include free daily backups and restoration, and free SSL:

Earth Girl Hosting – US-based servers with 24/7 NA phone support: https://earthgirl.host/
Tribulant Hosting
, 30-day trial available – US-based servers: https://tribulant.com/hosting/
Brontobytes – lower cost European-based servers: https://www.brontobytes.com
Ozcart – US-based servers: https://ozcart.com/hosting

How are the themes licensed?

All of our themes are licensed under the GPL which enables you to use the themes in any way you choose on an unlimited number of websites.

Want to modify the theme? You can do that. Want to build a site for 200 clients with the same theme? You can do that too. We don’t want to impose limits. Please, enjoy our themes!

However, WordPress.org has these rules that anyone must follow:

“Themes that are derived from other Themes must declare that they are derived from another work, and include the original copyright notice from that work.

Themes that incorporate code from other Themes (or Plugins) must declare that they incorporate code from another Theme/Plugin.”

Do you provide Dummy Content from your demos?

Yes, our themes include our Demo Content (sample content) which allows you to set up the theme quickly to look like our demo.

The theme file I downloaded is a folder instead of a .zip file

If you are using Safari, please read the following: The file you download should be a .zip file. Your Safari browser may be unzipping the file and thus prevents you from installing the theme. You can disable this feature in Safari > Preferences > General and by unchecking the option ‘Open “safe” files after downloading’. You can now re-download the theme file and install it.

Do you offer refunds?

Please read our refund policy found on our Terms and Conditions page.

What is the price to renew a Single Theme Purchase?

We charge a low 20 USD for each WordPress theme renewal. It gives you an extra year’s access to updates that bring bug fixes, security enhancements, new features, and an improved design to the theme that you purchased.

The fee helps us continue updating current themes and developing new themes.

If you’d like lifetime updates for one theme only, rather than for all themes such as in the case of our lifetime access membership, you can purchase the single theme lifetime updates upgrade.

Does your system auto-renew themes or memberships?

No, as we do not store your credit card information and we do not offer recurring subscriptions. However, we will e-mail you a few days before your one year membership expires and send you another e-mail after it has expired with a link to renew, should you so choose.

What happens after my theme or membership expires?

If you decide not to renew your membership, you will no longer have access to theme downloads, new theme releases, and updates. All themes must be downloaded during your active membership. You are more than welcome to continue using forever any theme that you have downloaded during your active membership. After your membership expires, you cannot download past nor current versions. Make sure to download any update during your active membership.

Support is always offered, even with expired memberships, unless your issue is resolved in a newer version. However, we do not offer support for older, retired themes.

Note: The Lifetime Access membership does not expire. You will always get the latest updates for all of our themes.

Bug reports are not considered support, so those can still be submitted at anytime.

Is it important to renew to get another year of updates?

Definitely. Here’s why.

The renewal of your membership will give you the following benefits:

  • You’ll be able to receive the latest features and updates to your themes, allowing us to continue to make your site better and faster while preventing security vulnerabilities.
  • Some theme updates include a complete redesign or design improvements.
  • You get the latest bug fixes. Some bugs are more severe than others and could cause your website to stop loading properly. If your theme is working well now but yet fails at some point in the future, it could be because of an incompatibility with another plugin or because of a WordPress or PHP update. Updates would ensure that it keeps working well with the latest WordPress and PHP versions. We can’t always guarantee full compatibility with plugins, however, as there are too many.

Modern themes versus Older themes?

Our older themes used to be discontinued and hidden. We decided to bring them back but at a lower price. Our older, retired themes are our vintage themes and are from when Organized Themes first began making themes. Apart from installation support, they do not include free support as they are no longer updated.

All other themes that are not part of the Older WordPress Themes are what we refer to as Modern Themes. These modern themes will continue to be updated and do include support.

Do your themes work with Page Builders?

We tested Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Page Builder by SiteOrigin and they work fine with our themes. Meza uses WPBakery Page Builder by default as it’s integrated with it.

Umami might require you to create a page first and then edit it with your page builder.

If you need us to test other page builders, contact us and we’ll be happy to try it for you before your purchase. We can only try the ones that have a free version.

Do you offer hosting?

Yes, we do, under our other business (owned by us).

Visit our hosting page under website services to find out more about our high-quality server and affordable pricing.

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