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Today we’re releasing an update to our Bottega theme. This was our first restaurant theme was it was released back in September of 2010 and it’s still a great choice for restaurants today, three and a half years later. We’re always striving to make our themes better so your visitors have a great experience on your site and you have a simple time getting the site up and running.

Here are the highlights from version 2.5

New Full Menu Template
Orignaily in our Umami theme, this new template will show every menu group and every item in them. It makes setting up your food menu far easier than before. The theme option based menu template is no longer necessary and has been removed from the theme this time around. You can still use shortcodes or add menu groups directly to your navigation, but we expect the Full Menu template to be the best way to add your menu to your site.


Custom Featured Row Images
With version 2.5 we’ve added option for the featured row that allows you to upload an image directly in the theme options for every item in the featured row, as well as a title and link for them. That way if you’re not using posts or a menu group you can more easily add your content there and direct your users where you’d like them to go without needing a redirect.
Refreshed Layout
Web design is always changing. Bottega was starting to feel a bit crowed with its narrow margins and padding. Version 2.5 adds more white space to the theme so the elements can breathe a bit more.


Of course there are various bug fixes and small improvements too. So that’s the rundown on the updated Bottega theme. For current customers, you can apply the update from your WordPress dashboard or download it from our support site.

If you’re not a Bottega user, you can pick it up for $49 today.


Jim Gavioli June 8, 2015

Impressive update, especially regarding menu.


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