Terms and Conditions for affiliates.
Terms and Conditions for website customization and for website development.

Terms and Conditions for WordPress Themes

Important note concerning Older WordPress Themes: Our older, retired themes are our vintage themes that are sold at a lower price. Apart from installation support, they do not include free support as they are no longer updated.

All other themes that are not part of the Older Themes are what we refer to as Modern Themes. These modern themes will continue to be updated and do include support.

This document is the End User License Agreement between Organized Themes and you.

This document is correct as of the last edit date of January 10, 2023.

By purchasing, installing or using any WordPress theme or plugin from Organized Themes you indicate that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions below. Please be aware that this document will be updated from time to time, and may be updated without notice.

WordPress is a web publishing, content management system that specializes in “aesthetics, web standards and usability.”  In order to use the themes and plugins from Organized Themes, you will need to have WordPress installed on your web server.  You can find the current version of WordPress for download as well as instructions on using it at WordPress.org.  Please note that WordPress.com blogs (the version that does not require you to self-host) may not be fully compatible with themes from Organized Themes or nearly any other theme provider. We cannot provide dedicated support for our themes installed on WordPress.com‘s hosting. We provide hosting that is fully compatible with WordPress from WordPress.org and our themes.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email with a registration link where you can create a username and password to access support and download your theme(s). Generally this happens immediately upon completion of your purchase, but can take up to one hour in some cases.  If you haven’t received the email after an hour, please use the contact form to reach us and we will send you the link.

WordPress is open source software and my themes carry the same license as WordPress — the GNU General Public License.  Once you purchase a theme or themes you can use them on as many sites as you’d like — your own, clients’, and so on.  You can also modify them in any way you need to suit your purposes. If you have any questions regarding the license of these themes, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

One of the best features of our themes is the support we provide our customers.  As someone who has purchased one of my themes from Organized Themes, you are entitled to support and updates to our themes for the duration of your license.  All of the themes are designed to work with the current version of WordPress.  As WordPress releases new versions, the themes will be updated as necessary to function with the new software.

When installing the theme, please make sure that you are using a fresh installation of the latest version of WordPress.  We cannot guarantee that the theme will work on any version of WordPress less than 4.0.  We are glad to assist you with any trouble you have with your theme, but we are unable to provide support or guarantee the functioning of any modifications or customizations you make to the themes.  Also, it is impossible to support every plugin that exists for WordPress. Many are wonderful, but even some of the best use technologies that are incompatible with one another. Consequently, we can only guarantee the functioning of the site with any third party plugins that are included with the themes. Please contact the plugin developer if you believe that the plugin(s) that you installed is/are causing an issue with our themes.

Please note that support includes assisting you in using the purchased theme. We will assist in making minor customizations to the style or function of the theme (limited to a customization that takes 10 minutes or less). If you require further customization, we can assist you as part of our website customization (customize your current site) or website development (new website) services. If you are interested in website customization or development, please contact us so that we can send you a free quote.

Organized Themes works hard to provide a quality product and service to our customers. Should any problems arise through the use of our products, our liability is limited to the cost of the theme in use. By using our themes, you agree to accept that limitation.

By way of definition, lifetime, in regards to a theme, refers to the lifetime of a theme. Most or all themes have a time of life and eventually may be retired. At that point, there is no guarantee of updates even if the theme requires one to continue functioning. We usually refer to these are retired themes or older themes.

Our lifetime access membership and our single theme lifetime updates package refer to the time of life of Organized Themes or the original purchaser (or the person that takes over the account of the original purchaser). They entitle the purchaser to the theme(s) and updates, according to the membership or package chosen, that are created by Organized Themes for the lifetime of Organized Themes.


Refund Policy

We accept refunds for single theme purchases only (not memberships) if your request is submitted within seven (7) days of purchase. In some cases, refunds may be denied*. The reason is that if we do refund, you still get to keep the product (the WordPress theme) as we do not use licenses and it would not be fair to us. Note that you can view our themes’ online demos before purchasing.

In some specific cases, we can replace your theme with another one of ours. We will work with you to ensure that you are content and happy with the theme you purchased.

Refund requests must be submitted via a support ticket. Please note that it can take up to three business days for us to fulfill your request.

If we do accept a refund request, we reserve the right to keep up to 5% of the total amount that you originally paid as our payment gateways have changed their terms and now keep their processing fees during refunds, and we must pay those fees when refunding. We believe that their terms are unfair and, unfortunately, cause situations like this.

Organized Themes has been making WordPress themes since 2008. We work hard to handcraft functional, beautiful, well coded, and purposeful WordPress themes, and we are confident that you will enjoy using our themes. You can count on us to continue to release great WordPress themes of the highest standards.

*Please provide details for requesting a refund so that we can make sure that improvements are made.
We work hard and have families to support, and since we deal with digital products, we will not accept a refund request in the following cases:

  1. Memberships of any kind will not be refunded. You may submit a refund request only for single theme purchases.
  2. No refunds will be given for buyer’s remorse. We will honor a refund request if you are truly dissatisfied with the theme.
  3. No refunds will be given if it’s an issue we can fix. This also means that you must give us time to fix your issue. If we are unable to fix the problem, we will fulfill your request and give you a refund, even after 7 days, as long as your original request for a refund was lodged within 7 days after the moment of purchase.
  4. No refunds will be given for renewals since we do not offer auto recurring renewals and you have to make a decision to manually log in to your account to renew.
  5. No refund requests are accepted after 7 days of purchase.

After a refund is given, you relinquish all rights to the theme you had purchased, being a digital product, and will cease to use it. You will delete it from your WordPress installation, your computer, and anywhere else that you have it stored. Should you continue using it, no updates will be given to you, nor any support. If you experience any security issue with your theme, we would take no responsibility. We regularly update our themes to prevent bugs and security issues from affecting our products. We also introduce new features to improve our themes. Requesting and receiving a refund, within 7 days of purchase for single theme purchases, ensures that no updates will be given to you.


Your data (Privacy Policy)

When you register, you give consent to us that we can store your data for the purpose mentioned below.

Your data (name, e-mail, company, address, IP location, phone number, product(s) used, tickets) is privately stored in a secure server and is only used for your account and billing information with Organized Themes. Your passwords are not stored in a legible way in our system, but they are sent to you in a legible way via e-mail. We suggest not using any personal password. Our payment gateway has access to your full name, e-mail, billing address, and amount paid. However, we cannot be held responsible for their misuse but will do our best to amend the situation by switching to another provider, should the need arise. We only use trustworthy payment providers.

Your credit card is not stored in our server; we do not have access to it.

You may request, at any time, after paying your invoices, the removal of part of your data. We would then scramble some of your information (e.g., address and phone number removal, etc.). We must keep a part of your information for private billing reports (research), and in the case of some users acting in an unfair manner, for recognizing them to prevent them from signing up again. Upon your request, we would act in a timely manner of less than one week to clear the data mentioned above. Upon your request, we can export to you and/or erase your WordPress data.

Only the owner of Organized Themes has access to your data on file (apart from what is sent automatically to our payment gateway). No other staff member has access.

We do not sell your data to anyone.

At any time, you are free to export that information to use it anywhere else, in any country, but we will not be held responsible for misuse of your own data.


Newsletters and mailing lists

While we do occasionally send newsletters with company and product updates (relevant to you), you may opt-in or opt-out at will. When you register, you are given the option to opt-in.

We do not buy nor sell newsletter lists/mailing lists.


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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