Elite WooCommerce theme

We have just updated Elite WooCommerce Theme

Hello folks and happy celebrations! Welcome to the new and much improved Elite WooCommerce theme. I’m super duper uber excited to roll out this new Elite 3.0 update, which features a complete design overhaul, improved typography, cleaner user interface and some more great features that I have implemented under the hood. Here is a quick run […]

Epic theme

Meet Epic 3.0!

We have an epic update for you….launching Epic 3.0. Epic was one of our most popular themes back in 2014, but 3 years in the online world is a long time and I decided it just wasn’t up to the standard that churches require from their websites anymore. So I put on my tinkering gnome […]

Latest News From Organized Themes

Happy new year! We are not even a month through the new year yet and here at Organized Themes we have already kicked off 2017 with a bang. First things first, let me introduce myself, my name is Samuel King and I’m the new owner of Organized Themes (Read this news update to learn more […]

Bonjour, Mise En Place Theme

I’ve been hand crafting WordPress themes for restaurants since 2010, but I’ve never been more excited to introduce a theme than I am with Mise En Place. In French Mise En Place means “put in place” and carries the idea of a chef having everything they need in place before they begin cooking. My Mise […]

Pneuma — Drag and Drop Theme For Churches

I’m excited to announce the launch of Pneuma our first drag and drop theme for church WordPress theme. In Greek, pneuma means spirit or breath and it’s my hope that this theme breathes new life into church sites large and small. Since I started Organized Themes seven years ago, my themes have used home pages […]


Grassroots Theme For Organizations

We’re excited to be able to introduce our latest theme, Grassroots. This new theme for organizations is made to help with the important tasks of telling their stories and raising funds. It’s got all the great features you’ve come to expect from Organized Themes. Here are some of the highlights of what makes Grassroots such […]

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