TYPE Church

Key Features


  • Bring your own logo, colors and backgrounds.
  • Choose from over 600 of the best Google Fonts.
  • Visually customize the site with the theme customizer.
  • * This theme uses the excellent and free Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Even the layout on the homepage is made with it.

Robust Podcasting

  • Support for audio and video podcasting.
  • Integrated series for your messages.
  • Lots of internal message links to keep your visitors on your site.
  • Host your own videos or use a service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Made For Mobile

  • Fully responsive design so your site will look great on all screen sizes.
  • Mobile navigation menu to make getting around your site simple on a phone or tablet.
  • Support for HTML5 audio and video so mobile visitors can listen to/watch your messages.

Hero Section

  • Each page can have a customizable image/text at the top.
  • Three sizes: full-height, small and normal.
  • Parallax scrolling for hero text.
  • Each page can have its own colors for the hero text and navigation.

Flexible Home Page

  • Includes hero section.
  • Two options:
  • 1. Use the included Page Builder by SiteOrigin to build your layout (current homepage is built with it) (new redesign).
    2. Completely widgetized for drag and drop simplicity (previous design, but still available in current redesign).

Custom Widgets

  • Welcome Box with background image, title, text and optional navigation menu.
  • Contact widget with service times, address, phone number and map.
  • Current series widget displays graphic, description and link to series.
  • Plus, Facebook like box, featured video, and page content (displays the content from the page of your choice).

Staff Section

  • Create a staff directory easily.
  • Each staff member can have an image, bio as well as contact information.
  • Create multiple staff groups to organize your staff and key leaders.

Other Features

  • Support for The Events Calendar plugin.
  • WordPress navigation menus for drag and drop navigation set-up.
  • Built in lightbox image viewer with 10 different styles.
  • Translation ready.
  • Cross browser tested in Edge, IE 9+, Vivaldi, Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
Plus, fanatical support straight from us.

March 11, 2022 - version 2.5

updated* Fix: Hero Area Options missing from most page templates.

June 01, 2021 - version 2.4

updated* Update for PHP 8 * Update for WordPress 5.7 * Fixes: - CMB2 module fix (argument order, incompatible with php8 - includes/cmb2/includes/rest-api/CMB2_REST.php and includes/cmb2/includes/types/CMB2_Type_Multi_Base.php) - Deprecated `screen_icon()` - inc/options-framework.php - Deprecated `get_screen_icon()` - inc/options-framework.php - Undefined `$font_size`, `$font_face`, `$font_color`, `$font_style` - inc/options-interface.php - Undefined array key in includes/fonts.php - Undefined `$post` object in includes/post-types/staff.php - Widget: Connect - image upload button fix (js/welcome-admin.js) - Widget: Video - video upload button fix (js/welcome-admin.js) - Widget: Contact - multiple undefined indexes/variables (includes/widget-contact.php) - Widget: Welcome - multiple undefined indexes/variables (includes/widget-welcome.php) - Load Google Fonts only if needed - includes/fonts.php - Multiple undefined indexes - includes/fonts.php - Multiple undefined variables / indexes - includes/theme-customizer.php - Undefined index in /includes/taxonomy-images.php - Podcast embed fix - includes/cmb2/custom-fields.php - Podcast pre-query filter fix - includes/queries.php

November 18, 2020 - version 2.3.2

updated* Fixed media pop-up appearing when clicking any button. - js/welcome-admin.js

September 22, 2020 - version 2.3.1

updated* Important update for WordPress 5.5+: Removed outdated CMB plugin and replaced it with CMB2. Added compatible CMB2 fields and got rid of jQuery errors. - functions.php - js/welcome-admin.js - includes/cmb2 - Removed includes/custom-meta-boxes

March 20, 2019 - version 2.3.0

updatedFixed recent message series widget not taking into account the limit set for displaying the number of series. We made a few CSS changes to the blog hero title/subtitle/button and so on, and gave a max height to the logo. Files modified: - style.css - includes/widget-message-series.php

newAdded Gutenberg (Block Editor) compatibility (WordPress 5+).

December 2, 2018 - version 2.2.6

updatedReduced font size for submenu - style.css

November 27, 2018 - version 2.2.5

updatedFixed podcast images not being aligned with different sizes. - style.css - page-series-list.php

October 29, 2018 - version 2.2.4

updated- style.css: Fixed menu not showing up on 1024px resolutions (iPad, etc.). Improved search bar design.

August 8, 2018 - version 2.2.3

updatedWe couldn't see more than one child menu in the navigation menu. Now we can. - header.php - removing menu depth - style.css - adding arrows to child menu items

August 3, 2018 - version 2.2.2

updatedstyle.css - Added padding to the content (next to sidebar). If you have a different background color, your content will no longer touch the edge.

July 4, 2018 - version 2.2.1

updatedincludes/options.php - changed footer columns default to 4

July 3, 2018 - version 2.2

updatedpage-homepage-template.php - changing page template name

updatedpage-homepage-template-redesign.php - changing page template name

updatedincludes/widget-video-presentation.php - fixing bugs and making new video widget compatible with old homepage design (widget based)

updatedlayouts/hero-options - fixing search bar colors (adding ability to change search bar color as well)

updatedincludes/custom-css - fixing search bar colors (adding ability to change search bar color as well), adding footer columns styles

updatedstyle.css - fixing bugs, reducing font-weight for menu, adding footer columns styles (can now choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 footer columns)

updatedincludes/widget-video.php - small change to widget name

newincludes/options - adding new theme options

newincludes/theme-customizer.php - adding new theme options and previous ones

April 17, 2018 - version 2.1.1

updatedincludes/custom-css.php - minor dropdown background color bug fix

March 26, 2018 - version 2.1

updatedstyle.css – fixed small bugs.

updatedsingle-podcast.php – fixed download notes and audio bug, changed content design (made the sidebar go next to the Series image/video instead of below).

March 22, 2018 - version 2.0

new2018 complete redesign. New footer. Now using Page Builder by SiteOrigin. New sticky header. Improved homepage layout, fonts, colors, and more. - includes/custom-js.php - added JS based on theme options. - includes/custom-css.php - added CSS based on theme options. - includes/options.php - added/edited theme options. - includes/theme-customizer.php - added/edited theme options. - includes/widget-video-presentation.php - video presentation widget. - includes/theme-plugins.php - added recommended plugins. - layouts/hero-options.php - added CSS based on theme options. - header.php - added sticky header. You can activate it now and when scrolling down, the header will stay visible. - style.css - added new styles, fixed bugs.

June 8, 2016 - version 1.4.3

updated/includes/custom-js.php -- changed smooth scrolling for jQuery changes

03.29.2016 - version 1.4.2

updated/includes/widget-welcome.php -- fixed specificity in welcome widget colors

updated/includes/post-types/podcast.php -- changed speaker to speakers to fix permalink issue

new/layouts/staff-details.php -- added antispam bot to email address

11.26.2015 - version 1.4.1

updatedstyle.css -- changed superfish styles to help second level drop down menus

updated/includes/fonts.php -- changed Google fonts from http to https

updated/layouts/hero-options.php -- changed conditional statement for event calendar hero.

09.19.2015 - version 1.4.0

updated/layouts/hero-options.php -- changed caption to do shortcode autop instead of content filter to prevent duplicate content -- added output of slider shortcodes if used

updated/layouts/podcast-item.php -- changed download link to use new script

updated/includes/post-types/admin-styles.php -- removed

updated/includes/post-types/admin-styles.css -- removed

updated/js/nav.js -- replaces slicknav. Includes superfish, slicknav and hover intent

updatedstyle.css -- added superfish styles and styles to support hero slider shortcodes

updatedupdated widgets to use new php5 constructors for WP 4.3+ compatibility * /includes/widget-contact.php * /includes/widget-connect-box.php * /includes/widget-current-series.php> * /includes/widget-facebook-like-box.php * /includes/widget-featured-page.php * /includes/widget-message-series.php * /includes/widget-page.php * /includes/widget-subscription.php * /includes/widget-video.php * /includes/widget-welcome.php

new/includes/post-types/staff.php -- added icon

new/includes/post-types/podcast.php -- added icon

new/includes/custom-js.php -- added superfish initialization -- tweaked same height columns also

new/includes/custom-meta-boxes.php -- added field for slider shortcode to hero area options

08.18.2015 - version 1.3.3

updated/layouts/hero-options.php -- added support for shortcodes in hero caption

updated/includes/custom-meta-boxes/kerygma.php -- changed hero caption from text to textarea code

4.12.2015 - version 1.3.2

new/includes/widget-message-series.php -- added new widget to display recent message series

3.30.2015 - version 1.3.1

updated/includes/images.php -- removed organizedthemes_get_first_video due to servers with outdated php

updated/layouts/post-formats.php -- removed call for organizedthemes_get_first_video

3.26.2015 -- version 1.3.0

updatedpodcast-video-feed.php -- fixed misplaced quote in line 48

updated/includes/images.php -- replaced organizedthemes_get_first_video with new function to fix video format -- switched references to staff thumbnail and staff full image sizes

updatedtaxonomy-staff-grouop.php -- added clearfix class to #content

newstyle.css -- added wallpaper js styles

new/js/wallpaper.js -- added wallpaper script

new/includes/scripts.php -- added loading of wallpaper

new/includes/custom-meta-boxes/kerygma.php -- added fields for background videos

new/layouts/hero-options.php -- added video background support

new/includes/custom-css.php -- added .single-staff #page-wrap to content background color

1.27.2015 -- version 1.2.2

updatedstyle.css -- styling for footer sidebar widgets

newincludes/widgets.php -- created call to footer sidebar.

01.21.2015 - version 1.2.1

updatedstyle.css -- made link in home box position absolute so it covers the box if no text is present. -- made adjustments to widgets on smaller screens with the new home page widget areas for better fit.

01.05.2015 - version 1.2.0

updatedstyle.css -- added 30px padding to home page widgets -- added styles for search form -- added styles for podcast subscription buttons -- changed home box content from position relative to absolute to keep height consistent -- set font-weight to normal for just about everything on smaller screens -- styles for new home page widget areas

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- added imagesloaded call for making sidebar and content equal height

updatedjs/imagesloaded.js -- script to let browser know when images have loaded

updatedincludes/scripts.php -- enqueuing of imagesloaded.js

updatedtaxonomy-series.php -- added call to new sidebar

updatedsingle-podcast.php -- added call to new sidebar

newincludes/fonts.php -- added option for custom Google Fonts

newincludes/options.php -- added option for custom Google Fonts

newincludes/widgets.php -- added sidebars for home page, series and individual podcast episodes

newincludes/widget-subscription.php -- new widget for subscribing to podcasts

newincludes/shortcodes.php -- added subscription button shortcode

newpage-series-list.php -- added optional text below series list

newpage-staff-list.php -- added optional text below staff list

newincludes/custom-meta-boxes/kerygma.php -- added below list text boxes

newpage-home-template.php -- added additional widget sections

12.08.2014 - version 1.1.0

updatedincludes/options.php -- made Hero Section it's own tab and added options for blog and calendar page hero

newincludes/staff-details.php -- added mailto to the email address link

newlayouts/hero-options.php -- added options for blog and calendar page hero sections

10.27.2014 - version 1.0.5

updatedpage-full.php -- added full width page template

09.12.2014 - version 1.0.4

updatedincludes/widget-contact.php -- fixed phone number disappearing

07.18.2014 - version 1.0.3

updatedstyle.css -- added text align right to nav ul and margin-bottom: 0 -- added bottom border to page titles -- added icon for podcast notes in list view -- removed extra space and border from speaker in podcast list view

updatedlayouts/podcast-item.php -- added download link for notes

07.01.2014 - version 1.0.2

updatedstyle.css -- reworked navigation menu section for third level drop-downs

updatedincludes/post-types/podcast.php -- added custom field support

updatedsingle-podcast.php -- changed order of other messages to reverse date

updatedincludes/custom-css.php -- added output of drop-down top margin option

updatedincludes/options.php -- added drop-down top margin option

05.06.2014 - version 1.0.1

updatedarchive-podcast.php -- added #page-wrap div

updatedtaxonomy-series.php -- added spacer div for when there is no series graphic

updatedstyle.css -- add padding for the spacer div

05.03.2014 - version 1.0.0

updatedFirst release

Kerygma has been handcrafted to give you an easy to set up and powerful site for your church. It is easy to customize with your branding and colors. We made it responsive, so it will work great on mobile devices. Additionally, Kerygma has our best podcasting support to date with support for audio and video messages along with strong message series integration throughout the theme.
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Template Information

Created On:
May 3, 2014
Updated On:
February 26, 2023
Widget Ready:
High Resolution:
Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Edge
Software Version:
WordPress 6+
Compatible With:
The Events Calendar plugin, Built-in Podcasts
Files Included:
Package, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files
All of our themes include the demo files.
All of our themes are compatible with Elementor.
All of our modern themes are PHP 8.1 compatible.

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