Foundation has been retired. It will most probably no longer receive updates but you can still use it. Take a look at Forward, our newer, similar theme with an updated design and more settings.


Here’s what you get with Foundation:

Responsive Design
Adapts to fit smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.
Responsive video and images.
Touch enabled slideshows.
Easily add your own logo.
Choose your own background.
Easily use your colors with the theme customizer.
Donation Tools
Add an eye catching donation bar to your home page.
Include donation widgets on your inside pages.
Direct your donations to PayPal or a custom URL.
Collect donations for as many projects as you’d like to.
Raise money or collect anything and show your progress toward your goal.
Social Media
Add links to 18 social network sites.
Connect visitors to your Facebook page with our Facebook widget.
Show your latest tweets with our Twitter widget.
Our staff section supports social networks for your staff members too.
Create lists of your organizations sponsors.
Easily display their logos, names and contact information.
Use a sponsor widget to show them in your sidebars or on your homepage.
Useful Widget Tools
Call to action bar/widget.
Mailchimp widget for newsletter sign up.
Responsive video widget, recent post widget, and a featured page widget.
Create lists of your organizations staff.
Add an image and a bio about each one.
Include contact information and links to social media profiles.
Foundation also has built-in support for Jigoshop and WooCommerce.
Sell items to support your organization right from your website.

There’s more to Foundation like featured images, video, slideshows, lightbox galleries, and even a press release section, too.

Plus, you get amazing support that you can count on.

August 30, 2021 - version 3.4

updatedImportant: This is the final major update for Foundation as it has been retired. Any future update would only include an urgent bug or security fix, at our discretion. For a similar but compatible WordPress theme that has more settings and a newer design, please view Forward: * WordPress 5.8 compatibility update. * PHP 8 compatibility update. * Fixes: - Deprecated jQuery function - foundation/includes/custom-meta-boxes/jquery.cmbScripts.js - Deprecated screen_icon() - foundation/inc/options-framework.php - Deprecated get_screen_icon() - foundation/inc/options-backup.php - Multiple undefined variables / indexes - foundation/inc/options-interface.php - Wrong datatypes - foundation/includes/fonts.php - Undefined indexes/variables, wrong data types - foundation/includes/theme-customizer.php - Missing $post object - foundation/includes/post-types/staff.php - Missing $post object - foundation/includes/post-types/sponsors.php - Font API URL fix - foundation/editor-style.css - Font API URL fix - foundation/includes/fonts.php - Submit check fix - foundation/includes/widget-mailchimp.php - jQuery errors. - Theme Options. - Staff Twitter URL update. - Added space after featured images and videos in blog posts. - Slightly increased image caption font size. - Changed the colour of the WordPress dashboard Staff, Sponsor, and Press Releases icons to match the default WordPress colours. - Language fixes. * images/press.png * images/sponsor.png * images/staff.png * js/lightbox/lightbox.js * js/welcome-admin.js * includes/custom-js.php * includes/custom-meta-boxes/js/cmb.js * includes/mailchimp/MCAPI.class.php * includes/post-types/slides.php * includes/widget-page.php * includes/widget-posts.php * includes/widget-video.php * includes/widget-donate.php * includes/widget-action.php * includes/widget-sponsors.php * includes/widget-mailchimp.php * includes/widget-featured-page.php * includes/widget-facebook-like-box.php

February 5, 2020 - version 3.3.3

updated- Fixed blog archive page gallery display: archive.php, style.css, includes/post-formats.php

October 23, 2018 - version 3.3.2

updatedsmall fix for the Mailchimp widget.

February 20, 2018 - version 3.3.1

updatedstyle.css - Bug fix: Mobile menu was not responsive and caused the menu to become 2 rows.

3.3.0 -- February 4, 2015

updatedpage-press-archive.php -- changed content option to allow for read more link.

updatedincludes/post-meta.php -- wrapped each item in span to allow for styling.

updatedstyle.css -- tweaked right hand nav search box fit -- reformulated action widget "bar" layout for more flexibility.

updatedincludes/scripts.php -- switched masonry for jquery-masonry

newincludes/widget-action.php -- added conditional wrap for button

3.2.11 -- July 18, 2014

updatedincludes/custom-css.php -- fixed sub-navigation menu styles

updatedstyle.css -- added basic table styling.

updatedfooter.php -- added class to Organized Themes links.

newincludes/widget-page.php -- added widget to show content from a page. It's intended for the home page.

3.2.10 -- May 16, 2014

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed lightbox class so it's only applied to links to images. -- changed masonry so it's loaded with is_front_page instead of page template

updatedadded class="entry-title" itemprop="headline" to all page/post titles.

updatedincludes/widget-posts.php -- moved global more by the content to fix WP 3.8 change

3.2.9 -- January 28, 2014

updatedsidebar.php -- changed two reference of sidebar-staff to sidebar_staff

3.2.8 -- November 4, 2013

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- updated to version 1.8.0

updatedincludes/widget-donate.php -- changed PayPal form so on a mobile device, givers will be sent to the mobile form of PayPal

newstyles.css -- added styles for Twitter Widget Pro; changed styles for sponsor widget images

newarchive-release.php -- added featured-image for press releases

newsearch.php -- added read more link to individual results

newsidebar.php -- added sponsor sidebar to sponsor page template

newimages.php -- changed sponsor images cropping from true to false

newpage-prese-archive.php -- rewrote page so sidebar would load properly

newincludes/post-meta.php -- added conditional for "comments" so it won't display if comments are closed

newincludes/custom-css.php -- added in drop-down menu item selectors to the navigation color option

newincludes/widget-donate.php -- added wpautop to description to automatically add paragraphs

newincludes/widget-action.php -- added wpautop to description to automatically add paragraphs

3.2.7 -- August 19, 2013

updatedincludes/widget-twitter.php -- removed unnecessary widget.

updatedunctions.php -- wrapped foundation_setup in a conditional statement. Changed label for primary navigation to left side of navigation bar and secondary navigation to right side of navigation bar

updatedincludes/widget-posts.php -- fixed path to post meta (changed from layouts to includes).

newoptions.php, staff.php, sponsors.php -- added option to set slug of staff and sponsors. Wrapped registration of post types in if statement.

newincludes/shortcodes.php -- added responsive video shortcode

3.2.6 -- August 6, 2013

updatedfunctions.php -- updated the excerpt function

updatedjs/lightbox.js -- updated to fix error with jQuery 1.10.2 (WordPress 3.6)

updatedincludes/widget-action.php -- removed

from the button

updatedstyle.css -- updates styles for widget-action

updatedfitvids.js -- removed source restrictions on iFrames

updatedincludes/staff-entry.php -- consolidated from taxonomy-staff-group.php and page-staff.php

newoptions.php, custom-js.php, theme-customizer.php -- added option to set top margin in action bar

3.2.5 -- July 12, 2013

updatedFixed custom-css.php -- changed #tagline color to #tagline p, #tagline h2 style.css -- Added box sizing for lightbox pop-ups Added maximum width for action widget (in home bottom sidebar) options.php -- changed navigation to navigation_font to remove conflict custom-js.php -- added masonry call for sponsors page template

updatedUpdated header.php -- changed order of items to load wp_head higher

newAdded taxonomy-staff-group.php -- added title and description taxonomy-sponsor-group.php -- added title and description


updatedUpdated: widget-facebook-like-box.php -- updated Facebook code (removes border). custom-css.php -- changed hook from wp_head to tha_head_bottom


updatedFixed sidebar.php -- fixed default sidebar not loading on staff page when staff sidebar is empty. style.css -- fixed border issue with lightbox evolution due to box-sizing: border-box;


updatedFixed custom-css.php -- ie8 custom donation graph width widget-posts.php --added back field for read more text


updatedUpdated: functions.php -- added WooCommerce support declaration -- added shortcode filter to text widget widget-twitter.php -- Updated to new widget version style.css -- added follow style for new Twitter widget -- centered home page sponsor widget items -- changed navigation bar height to auto for desktop view 404.php -- include searchform search.php -- wrapped entries in

tags. Added searchform for searches without results scripts.php -- removed masonry.js and switched to loading masonry included with WordPress core began loading main stylesheet via wp_head added theme meta generator titles.php -- updated titles to new framework version options.php -- option to set top margin for drop-down menu custom-css.php -- styling for drop-down menu top margin

newAdded tinynav.js for smaller than iPad screens. page-sponsors.php for page template for sponsors.


updatedAdded automatic Theme Updates changelog.txt -- moved changes from readme.txt to separate file. 6 more Google fonts. shortcodes.php -- for buttons and the lead in option.


updatedFixed staff.php and Sponsors.php returned to version in 3.1.4 and earlier (fixed permalink bug)


updatedFixed bug keeping sponsor widget icons from displaying in IE 8

updatedRemoved superfish script

newAdded lightbox support for individual images (outside of a gallery)


updatedAdded option to set the number of staff and sponsors displayed in groups 6 more Google Fonts Export/Import option for theme settings

updatedFixed masonry script including pagination button in sponsor-group pages. Now the sponsors are in their own div


updatedChanged: Load flex slider on all pages: scripts.php and custom-js.php (fixes bug when gallery format and sponsor widget conflicted on inside pages/posts

updatedFixed clearing floats in sidebar sponsor widget

newAdded 10 more Google Fonts


updatedNotes: Rezipped archive


updatedChanged: style.css -- removed background color from .flexslider Added ol li left margin to give space for double digit lists

newAdded fonts.php -- added 10 more Google font faces


updatedAdded option to disable Google fonts -- options.php, custom-css.php and fonts.php Footer.php -- set nav-menu fallback to false


updatedAdded google Font Options -- affects fonts.php, options.php, and custom-css.php Style.css -- -webkit-background-clip: padding-box; to buttons


newAdded style.css -- .wp-caption: max-width: 100% and a border


updatedFixed custom-css.php added missing link style

newAdded style.css body { height: auto !important } to fix NextGen Gallery plugin bug


updatedFixed bottom margin and padding for nav bar items in tablet and phone view

newAdded footer text color option Footer navigation color option Donate goal margin option


updatedFixed style.css changed margins on home page featured post widget title to fix alignment


newAdded style.css height: auto to #header and #home-top and #navigation in tablet view


updatedChanged donation bar and newsletter bar to be widgets Turned home page posts into a widget

updatedUpdated options framework (moved directory from admin to inc) Moved most functions to their own files Changed press releases from category to post type Moved post types to individual files Cleaned Code throughout

updatedRemoved div id "page" from just about every template Page-left and Page-right classes from template files

newNotes: This is a large update. Every file has changes. Added queries.php to use per_get_posts to set order on staff group and sponsor group archives Made theme responsive Full custom color control Call to action widget Sponsors widget


updatedUpdated content Limit function updated and moved to separate file in includes folder Style.css: changed #donate-end p to be measured from left instead of right Placed most selectors on separate line


updatedChanged option_url to optional_url in page-staff.php, single-staff.php and taxonomy-staff-group.php


updatedAdded call to gallery-functions.php in the functions.php file Removed unnecessary _ from custom fields in single-staff, page-staff and taxonomy-staff-group


updatedRemoved old meta titles from page-facebook.php


updatedChanged number of slides displayed on the home page from 5 to unlimited.


updatedFinished text domain strings for translation Consolidated sidebars into one sidebar.php file to beta5 version (from beta4) Gallery Post Template now uses predefined image size

updatedRemoved redundant sidebar specific files Removed fields.php and other-fields.php

newAdded support for the Jigoshop e-commerce plugin Flush rewrite rules function on theme activation Category and Default Sidebars Body class functions for browsers and categories on single posts Custom Meta Boxes class added Optional custom social media category to staff section


newAdded support for press-trends


updatedTook out tags as meta keywords. Fixed CSS bug that caused Donation button to float to the left when using the URL option.


updatedAdded fixed height to top of home page for IE 7 to fix spacing issue there. Also added width to MailChimp button in IE 7.


updatedMade change to action part of MailChimp form to use permalink


newNew options page, featured page widget, new slideshow post type, new sponsors post type, new staff taxonomy


newFirst release

Foundation is a rock solid WordPress theme that has been created from the ground up to serve the needs of nonprofits both large and small.
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