SALES 1055
TYPE Restaurant

  • Full page image backgrounds: slideshows or still images.
  • Animated page menu and page loading.
  • Optional staff, food menu, and services sections. Tailor the site to your business.
  • Sell products using WooCommerce.
  • Easy to use options you’ll actually want to use (no fluff).
  • Style editor to add your own color scheme.
  • Choose from over 100 of the best Google Fonts.
  • Mailchimp support built-in.
  • Enhanced WordPress image gallery with lightbox.
  • Custom widgets for business hours/contact information and video.
  • Optional social media links for 15 social networks.
  • Cross browser tested in Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 8+.
  • Responsive design so your site will look great on tablets and smartphones.
  • Quality support you can count on.

June 9, 2023 - version 2.2

updated* WordPress 6.x compatibility. * FIX: PHP 8.0 and 8.1 issues: - includes/widget-contact.php - includes/widget-video.php - includes/widget-facebook-like-box.php - inc/options-backup.php - inc/options-backup.php - inc/options-interface.php - includes/fonts.php - inc/options-interface.php - includes/widget-contact.php - includes/theme-customizer.php - includes/fonts.php - inc/options-sanitize.php - includes/post-types/post-type-food.php - includes/post-types/post-type-food.php - includes/post-types/post-type-services.php - includes/post-types/post-type-services.php - includes/custom-js.php - includes/post-types/post-type-staff.php

February 17, 2021 - version 2.1.3

updated- WordPress 5.6+ compatibility. - Menu dropdown fix. - Updated deprecated functions. - Fixed jQuery errors to fix a featured image bug. - Decreased the size of the Staff, Food, Services admin dashboard icons to match the other WordPress icons. * js/superfish.js - file has been deleted as it's no longer used. * js/lightbox/lightbox.js * includes/custom-meta-boxes/js/cmb.js * includes/custom-js.php * includes/post-types/admin.css * includes/scripts.php * style.css

June 23, 2020 - version 2.1.2

updated- Layout fix for WooCommerce shop and cart pages. * style.css - Link and text updates in Appearance > Theme Options > Help. * options.php

October 30, 2018 - version 2.1.1

updated- Made phone number clickable to open phone app in mobile and an application on desktop. Made address clickable, which takes you to Google Maps. * widget-contact.php

02.18.2015 -- 2.1.0

newheader.php -- added output for custom header text for left hand side of header

newoptions.php -- added option for header text. - changed footer text from simple text to "editor" input.

newstyle.css -- added styling for custom header text

11.11.2014 -- 2.0.10

updatedlayouts/post-meta.php -- wrapped each item in span to facilitate styling

08.18.2014 -- 2.0.9

updatedincludes/fonts.php -- updated font list and changed default weight for Raleway to 400

newincludes/custom-css.php -- added custom styles for search button

04.07.2014 -- 2.0.8

updatedjs/lightbox -- updated styling of lightbox themes

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed lightbox loading to only apply to links directly to images

updatedstyle.css -- removed: -webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased; font-smoothing:antialiased; text-rendering:optimizeLegibility; from the body styles.

12.09.2013 -- 2.0.7

newincludes/post-types/post-type-service.php -- added shortcode to display service groups

newincludes/taxonomy-images.php -- added categories background images

newincludes/custom-js.php -- add support for category background images

newincludes/post-types/post-type-food.php -- added filter to sort by menu group to list screen

09.25.2013 -- 2.0.6

updatedjs/lightbox.js -- updated to version 1.8

newoptions.php -- added default slugs for staff, food and services

09.23.2013 -- 2.0.5

updatedstyle.css -- fixed staff title in smartphone view

updatedincludes/taxonomy-images.php -- updated to use new WordPress media library

newtaxonomy-staff-group.php -- added conditional statement for featured image to style title differently if there is no image

newpost-type-staff.php, post-type-food.php, post-type-services.php, options.php -- added option to set slugs of individual items and groups

08.06.2013 -- 2.0.4

updatedstyles.css -- add margin: 0 to supersized

updatedfonts.php -- updated list to version 1.1

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- fixed trouble with jQuery 1.10.2 (WordPress 3.6)

07.17.2013 -- 2.0.3

updatedincludes/newsletter.php -- moved to includes folder from layouts to fix MailChimp bug

updatedstyle.css -- moved notifications for MailChimp sign-ups below header bar

updatedheader.php -- changed call of newsletter file to includes folder from the layouts folder

newlayouts/header-links.php -- added option to open links in new windows

newoptions.php -- added option for social icon links to open in a new window

07.16.2013 -- 2.0.2

updatedincludes/custom-css.php -- IE 8 custom navigation color selection

updatedlayouts/header-links.php -- fixed RSS class and ending

newoptions.php -- added size option for page titles

07.08.2013 -- 2.0.1

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed single image to display full size background image.

updatedsingle-staff.php -- fixed path to social networks

newincludes/post-types/post-type-food.php -- added wp_reset_query to keep menu items from conflicting with background images

2.0.0 - Note: SIGNIFICANT UPDATE. Virtually every file changed/updated

updatedchanged page structure to use #sidebar and #content as main containers

updatedincludes/custom-css.php -- loading by tha_head_bottom now

updatedjs/fitvids.js -- now works with all iframes

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- new background script functions

updatedoptions.php -- removed unnecessary options. Added new ones for new features

updatedinc folder -- updated to options framework version 1.6

updatedstyle.css -- fixed skewing background images as browser width shrinks. Made main content area and sidebar slightly larger. Added WooCommerce styles. Replaced previous typography with new styles based on Twitter Bootstrap

updatededitor-styles.css -- matches new typography styles

updatedsidebar.php -- moved footer text below sidebar widgets

updatedincludes/images.php -- made staff images 200 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall to all for more vertical room

updatedRemoved: presstrends.php -- no longer using service social images and post type icons

newfonts -- icon fonts for admin and front end

newjs/tinynav.js -- select menu for mobile

newincludes/taxonomy-images.php -- adds support for per group menu, staff, and service group images

newincludes/theme-customizer -- took customization options out of options.php and place in own file

newincludes/titles.php -- updated to current framework version

newjigoshop/style.css -- styles just for Jigoshop plugin

newincludes/widget-facebook-like-box.php -- displays people who like your Facebook page

newlayouts/paging.php -- built-in pagination

newincludes/shortcodes.php -- added button and a few styling shortcodes


updatedDuplicate titles in Jigoshop (functions.php)

updatedligthbox.js to version 1.7.1

newAutomatic Updates

newTheme Options Export



newCustom-js.php: added lightbox links for individual images

newchangelog.txt: moved changes from readme.txt to changelog.txt


updatedStyle.css: set the social icon spacing back to 0


updatedStyle.css: Changed social icon spacing from a tag to img tag to fix wrapping issue in Firefox

updatedRemoved: Style.css: fancybox styling


updatedFeatured Video Widget

updatedIncorporated IE styling into style.css file

updatedMoved social links closer together in the header

updatedRemoved: Organized themes gallery ie.css

newPost format support to services

newLightbox evolution based lightbox gallery


updatedNewsletter.php replaced "Join" with call to newsletter_button option.


newtaxonomy-staff-group.php & post-type-food.php: rel="group" so light box image links to form groups


updatedpost-type-service.php, updated columns


updatedOptions framework to latest version

newSupport for archive image for blog page using is_home()


newAdded IE 7, 8, and 9 tags to opening HTML tag


newSupport for third level drop down menu (style.css and sidebar.php)


newTheme Customizer support


updatedCustom-CSS.php to add more styling options

updatedCleaned up code throughout

updatedMoved aside to sidebar.php

updatedcomments.php to use

newTitles.php to serve titles and Facebook tags to the header

newAccent text color style option

newBackground image option for archive pages

newGallery background option using post formats (Added formats for gallery and image)

newColumns to food, staff and services listing to show details

newImages.php, titles.php, scripts.php, widgets.php to organize theme functions

newPost-meta.php and staff-meta.php to centralize common data

newNewsletter.php: added textdomain to form for translation

newTheme Hook Alliance support

newMenu shortcode to display menu group lists on any page/post

newOptional thumbnails for menu items

newSearchform.php for customized search

newHid WP Stats smiley face (safely)

newWord-break to Style.css for widgets to help with long email addresses.


updatedChanged get_stylesheet_directory_uri to get_template_directory_uri in custom post types to make dashboard icons visible in child themes.


updatedNote: Rezipped archive


updatedChanged meta boxes to the Custom Fields and Meta Boxes used in other themes (standardizes fields).

newHeader social links to Pinterest, Google Plus, Flickr, Picasa, and Dribbble. Updated all header icons.

newStaff fields to include LinkedIN, Google Plus and an optional custom field


updatedRemoved logo from the header and placed it in a separate div to allow for easier logo and site spacing.

newBackground uploader for smartphone sized screens.


updatedStyle.css removed height and width from #logo

updatedIE.css Added height and width to p.header-links to fix overflowing social icons

updatedFunctions.php -- Wrapped script loading in a function to version 1.0

updatedsupersized.js to version 3.2.7

updatedcustom-js.php -- changed fit_portrait to "1"

updatedRemoved: Gowalla social icon and link

neworganizedthemes.po file for translation


newAdded support for PressTrends


newAdded conditional statement for h1/h2 tag on the page template. It's for SEO when using a static home page


updatedChanged image logo alt text to the site title


newRebuilt responsive component from ground up. Added second navigation menu for smartphone size screens


updatedReformatted style.css to conform to WordPress guidelines


newAdded priority 20 for the custom-js.php file to fix background issue with WordPress 3.3+


newAdded Jigoshop plugin support for e-commerce


updatedChanged newsletter form action to


updatedFixed closed comments bug creating extra div


newInitial Release

Foxy is a unique WordPress theme that’s perfect for fashion sites, businesses, or restaurants who want to impact their visitors with big, bold images. Immediately the full-size background images catch your attention and pull you into the site. The backgrounds are easy to customize and can be a slideshow (with 7 transition effects), a specific image, or a random image with every page load. The theme also has built-in support for the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin.
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