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Elite is a feature-packed, visually exciting theme for your store or business. Here’s a brief rundown of the great features included.

Full Screen+ Site

  • Amazing full screen images, galleries and videos (even on the homepage banner and product pages).
  • Scroll past the full screen media for a feature rich, more conventional WordPress site.
  • Optional titles, captions and buttons for every hero image.

Responsive Design

  • Made to work on everything from enormous desktops to smartphones.
  • Retina (high PPI) display ready.

WooCommerce Support

  • Custom home page widget to highlight your best products.
  • Use full-screen images, galleries, or videos with your products.
  • Add any payment gateway supported by WooCommerce.


  • Support for theme customizer so you can choose colors, fonts, backgrounds and more and see how they look live on your site.
  • Use your own logo.
  • Choose from over 600 of the best Google Fonts.
  • Customize virtually every color in the theme.
  • Choose between three different layouts on any page or post.

Custom Home Page

  • Elite’s homepage is made entirely of widgets for flexibility and ease of use.
  • Choose page content, posts, product sections for your home page.
  • Customer testimonial section to share what your customers think about your service.
  • Attention widget with custom icons to let your visitors know about something important.

Useful Tools

  • Built-in lightbox pop-up galleries
  • Custom widgets for Facebook, video, featured page, social links, and posts.
  • Staff section to introduce your key staff members.
  • Post author bio boxes to connect with your readers.
Plus, it features every good WordPress theme should have like navigation menus, threaded comments, robust blogging, and clean semantic code.

On top of all that, you also get fanatical support straight from the theme developer.

June 9, 2023 - version 3.8.3

updated* FIX: Font Awesome import issue. - style.css, includes/scripts.php

September 2, 2022 - version 3.8.2

updated* FIX: Submenu position when window is resized to a smaller view (larger than tablet) and lots of menu items exist. - style.css

August 19, 2021 - version 3.8.1

updated* FIX: Undefined variables/indexes. - includes/fonts.php

March 10, 2021 - version 3.8

updated* WordPress 5.7 and PHP 8 compatibility. * Fixes: - JavaScript Error for undefined `a.browser`. - Error while loading Google Fonts - attempt to load fonts only if requested. - Deprecated `create_function()` replaced. - Undefined `$post` variable in `post-types/slides.php`. - Widget Attention - undefined array index. - Widget Contact - multiple undefined array indexes. - Undefined `$post` in Staff. - Undefined `$font_color` in `inc/options-interface.php`. - Undefined `$font_style` in `inc/options-interface.php`. - Deprecated `screen_icon()` and `get_screen_icon()` usages.

June 18, 2020 - version

updated* FIX: sub-submenu not displaying. - header.php

June 1, 2020 - version

updated* FIX: Small bug that caused errors in error_log. - includes/custom-meta-boxes/init.php

April 16, 2020 - version

updated* UPDATE: Increased spacing after read more button on blog page and after embedded videos. - style.css

August 20, 2019 - version 3.7.9

updatedstyles-woocommerce.css: - Improved product thumbnail display when there are multiple product images. - Moved product tags to their own line on product pages. - Added more space above the product tabs (description, reviews, etc.).

January 2, 2019 - version 3.7.8

updatedVideo thumbnail now shows up on recent blog widget and on blog page. Files changed: layouts/posts-format.php includes/widget-posts.php

December 28, 2018 - version 3.7.7

updated- layouts/hero-options-posts.php - video hero now shows up.

November 27, 2018 - version 3.7.6

updated- style.css - fixed nav header hiding content.

November 22, 2018 - version 3.7.5

updated- style.css, functions.php, includes/body-tag.php, includes/custom-css.php, includes/options.php, includes/theme-customizer.php: FIXED navigation bar transparency as it wasn't always showing as transparent. It will now when you don't choose a color in Theme Options > Header. Fixed staff page layout. Fixed add to cart and search button layouts and colors.

newYou now have 2 choices to control the navigation bar color: The new navigation bar color option for pages where a hero is chosen (such as image, gallery, video). Or, the current navigation bar color option that controls the color of the nav bar in pages that do not have a hero image/gallery/video.

April 3, 2018 - version 3.7

updatedheader.php - fixed post format bug for posts - hero gallery/image weren't showing up

updatedlayouts/hero-options-posts.php - fixed post format bug for posts - hero gallery/image weren't showing up

updatedstyle.css - changed default button hover background color for slideshow images

March 16, 2018 - version 3.6

updatedstyle.css - bug fixes

updatedstyle-woocommerce.css - bug fixes

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php - fixed hero section for homepage - Embedded video was not displaying

March 9, 2018 - version 3.5

updatedBug fix: Hero sections (top gallery, full screen top image, etc.) were not displaying the title and buttons in a responsive way.

March 7, 2018 - version 3.4 - IMPORTANT update for current users

updatedincludes/widget-attention.php - changing description input field to textarea (WARNING: this gives you more space to type your descriptions (along with the ability to expand that description area) in Appearance > Customize > Widgets (home blocks). HOWEVER, because of our changes, you will lose your current description. MAKE SURE TO COPY WHAT IS IN THE 'DESCRIPTION' TEXT BOX FOR BLOCKS 1, 3, 6, AND SAVE THEM ELSEWHERE. After updating Elite, you can go back to each block and add the text you copied earlier.

updatedincludes/theme-customizer.php - small titles changes in customizer to clarify meaning

updatedincludes/custom-css.php - small bug fixes

updatedstyle.css - small bug fixes

updatedwoocommerce.php - fixed content and sidebar issue caused by recent WooCommerce updates

updatedincludes/custom-meta-boxes/elite.php - updating code for page/product format - no more double hero or missing hero sections (let us know if you encounter this issue again)

updatedlayouts/hero-options - updating code for page/product format - no more double hero or missing hero sections (let us know if you encounter this issue again)

March 1, 2018 - version 3.3

updatedincludes/shortcodes.php - fixed homepage widgets buttons alignment

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php - fixed importing issue with homepage hero section

newincludes/theme-plugins.php - added WooCommerce as recommended plugin

February 8, 2018 - version 3.2

updatedControl how many products per page in the Shop page. --includes/woocommerce.php - added 'Shop Options' in customizer --includes/theme-customizer.php - added 'Shop Options' in customizer

updatedUpdated WooCommerce templates. --woocommerce/loop/pagination.php - updated file to latest WooCommerce version

updatedShop layout and Add to cart buttons were ruined as WooCommerce decided to remove some general CSS styling from their templates. We fixed that. --style.css - fixed WooCommerce shop layout --style-woocommerce.php - fixed WooCommerce shop layout

updatedUpdated the display of all products on one page. There was a limit of 16, which is now unlimited (let us know if it's not) --includes/woocommerce.php - display all products on one page, no pagination

updatedShopping cart implemented in the header and counts the products added in there. --includes/woocommerce.php - added cart icon with cart count --header.php - added cart icon with cart count --includes/custom-css.php - added background color for cart icon with cart count

January 31, 2018 - version 3.1.2

updated/includes/custom-css.php —- Fixed navigation links font size not working when changing it in theme options

updated/includes/options.php —- Fixed default font size for navigation links (from 20px to 11px)

January 23, 2018 - version 3.1.1

updatedFixed the word 'image' in Theme Options.

updatedFixed broken demo links.

updatedChanged some demo images.

June 07, 2017 - version 3.1

updated/includes/fonts.php —- updated Google fonts file to support SSL certificates

updated/includes/options.php —- Fixed fonts not working with buttons and added support for fonts in theme panel

updatedstyle.css —- Fixed social icons not displaying properly

updatedstyle.css —- Fixed archives page title display overlapping content

April 18, 2017 - version 3.0

updated/includes/fonts.php —- updated Google fonts file

newComplete redesign.

newstyle.css —- added new styles to reflect new design

09.09.2015 - version 2.2.2

updated/includes/custom-js.php -- took out smooth scrolling due to Woo conflict

updated/includes/theme-customizer.php -- manually added nav section for WP 4.3 - tweaked some options to clear php notices

08.10.2015 - version 2.2.1

updated/includes/custom-css.php -- output to hide titles

updatedstyle.css -- evened out transitions in product image hovers -- removed clears from product list to allow different number of columns

updatedpage-staff-list.php -- took out reference to featured image

updated/includes/images.php -- wrapped image sizes in function to facilitate child theming

new/includes/body-tag.php -- added layout options for blog page, products, shop page

new/includes/custom-meta-boxes/elite.php -- added layout options to products -- added option to hide page title

new/includes/options.php -- added option for products per row

newstyles-woocommerce.css -- added styles to facilitate products per row

new/includes/woocommerce.php -- added function to filter products per row

04.27.2015 - version 2.2.0

updatedstyle.css -- added overflow: hidden to hero-section to prevent extra space being added in footer

updated/includes/custom-js.php -- tweaked resize function for gallery to allow for sizes other than full size

updated/includes/woocommerce.php -- added file to centralize WooCommerce functions

updatedstyles-woocommerce.css -- loading of WooCommerce styles is now part of theme instead of plugin

updated/woocommerce/loop/pagination.php -- replaced WooCommerce navigation with one from rest of the theme

updated/images/icons -- WooCommerce icons in theme now

updated/includes/post-types/slides.php -- changed icon to dashicon

updated/includes/post-types/staff.php -- changed icon to dashicon

updated/includes/post-types/testimony.php -- changed icon to dashicon

updated/includes/post-types/admin.css -- removed old post type icons

updated/includes/options.php -- added options for new button, price, and sale colors

updatedstyle-editor.css -- added to help style visual editor content

updatedfunctions.php -- added loading of new woocommerce helper file and style-editor.css

04.14.2015 - version 2.1.4

updatedstyle.css -- reverted hero section styling back to previous method

updated/includes/custom-js.php -- added updated resize function for hero gallery

04.13.2015 - version 2.1.3

updated/includes/custom-css.php -- added #sidebar to .widget background color

updated/includes/custom-js.php -- changed masonry width to sizing for footer widgets

updatedfooter.php -- added "sizing" div to start of footer widgets to correctly assign column width

updated/layouts/hero-options.php -- changed hero caption to run through the content filter (allows shortcodes)

updatedstyle.css -- changed medium hero height to 70% and small to 20% from fixed pixel dimensions -- set hero content to displayed as a table-cell to vertically center items

03.03.2015 - version 2.1.2

updatedstyle.css -- changed video hero section to static for smaller screens -- fixed width for footer contact widget on home page

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed masonry width from 320 to '.widget'

updatedincludes/custom-meta-boxes/elite.php -- changed hero title and hero caption to textarea-code fields

01.06.2015 - version 2.1.1

updatedstyle.css -- fixed minimum height for contact widget vcard in footer

updatedoptions.php -- fixed second Google font name option ID

11.27.2014 - version 2.1.0

updatedstyle.css -- adjusted how .fit-video works in #hero-section -- set featured page widgets to form three columns on home page, on smaller screens -- added clear: both for each row in product widget and Woocommerce product pages

updatedincludes/custom-meta-boxes -- updated to version 1.2

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php -- output of new hero options (height, mobile image and logo image)

updatedpage-home-template.php -- added clearfix class to each wrap

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- fixed resizing for slider with window resizing

newincludes/custom-meta-boxes/elite.php -- added new hero options for height, title image and mobile image

newincludes/options.php -- added options for custom fonts

newincludes/fonts.php -- added custom fonts to list

09.29.2014 - version 2.0.3

updatedstyle.css -- tweaked hero text position and style for phone sized screens.

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php -- fixed image format button opening in new tab

09.05.2014 - version 2.0.2

updatedincludes/post-types/staff.php -- added back staff shortcode (unintentionally removed in 2.0.0)

07.23.2014 - version 2.0.0

updatedincludes/options.php -- added new styles for home page blocks

updatedinc/options-framework-scripts.php -- added for show/hide parts of home page styling

updatedheader.php -- change wp_nav_menu to allow for 2 levels of drop-down menus

updated includes/custom-css.php -- removed home block styling -- made mobile navigation button match styles selected for drop-downs

updatedincludes/images.php -- set content width to 760

updatedincludes/post-types/staff.php -- updated admin columns and added sorting filter

newstyle.css -- added style to remove extra arrows from Firefox quantity box (WooCommerce) -- added max-width to smartphone logos to keep from overlapping with navigation button -- added negative bottom margin for hero section when logged in on home page -- added negative margin for using staff shortcode on full width page templates -- added second level drop-down menu styles

newpage-home-template.php -- added blocks for each section's styling (removed from custom-css.php

04.25.2014 - version 1.2.2

updatedstyle.css -- changed styles for gallery hero section

updatedjs/flex.js -- updated to version 2.2.2

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php -- added .loading-container div

updatedincludes/custom-css.php -- hide down arrow option

updatedincludes/theme-customizer.php -- hide down arrow option

newincludes/custom-js.php -- added start function for flex slider to remove loading body class

newincludes/body-class.php -- added function to create loading body class

newincludes/options.php -- added option to hide down arrow

03.31.2014 - version 1.2.0

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php -- moved hero-section div inside each conditional so it doesn't load in archive or blog pages at all

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php -- added display for category images and title on image

updatedlayouts/post-meta.php -- added spans to individual items for styling.

updatedstyle.css -- added clear to fourth items on larger screens. -- Added padding to bottom of animated panels. -- Set HTML height to auto. -- Set drop-down width to auto. -- Adjusted cart page on small screens. -- Changed Calculate Shipping Icon -- Changed hero section content to be displayed as a table cell for better vertical centering

updatedincudes/custom-js.php -- added smooth scrolling script for same page links -- Removed lightbox class from links in galleries (it was added to image links automatically anyway).

updatedincludes/widget-posts.php -- moved global more for the more tag

updatedlayouts/staff-details.php -- replace with at the end of the file

newincludes/body-class.php -- added function to add image class when image exists in product category taxonomy

01.04.2014 - version 1.1.1

updatedjs/cbpScroller.js -- replaced sections with divs for IE 8 compatibility

updatedincludes/shortcodes.js -- changed loading of scripts in animation to be tied to shortcode

updatedincludes/scripts.js -- removed enqueuing of animation scripts (moved to shortcode)

updatedlayouts/hero-options.php -- added slide ID to each style in the gallery section

12.12.2013 - version 1.1.0

updatedstyle.css -- added necessary styles for home page animation. Fixed home products margins on tablets

updatedpage-home-template.php -- added

for animation support

updatedincludes/shortcodes.php -- added shortcode for home page animation

updatedincludes/options.php -- added drop-down top margin option

updatedincludes/custom-css.php -- added drop-down top margin option

newpage.php -- added

for animation support

newincludes/scripts.php -- added enqueuing of cbpScroller.js, classie.js and modernizr.js

newincludes/custom-js.php -- initialization of cbpScroller added

12.09.2013 - version 1.0.1

updatedlayouts/staff-details.php -- fixed links to staff member's social profiles

newstyle.css -- added whitespace: nowrap to navigation menu and footer. Added styles to make WordPress gallery responsive on smaller screens

11.01.2013 - version 1.0.0

newFirst release

Elite is a feature-packed, visually exciting theme for your store or business. Showcase your products in a unique way and get the sales you deserve.
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