TYPE Restaurant

Here’s a rundown of the features you can expect:

Responsive Design
Adapts to fit smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktops.
Responsive video and images.
Touch enabled slideshows.
Easily add your own logo.
Choose your own background.
Easily use your colors with the theme customizer.
Fonts: choose from the best fonts in Google’s collection.
Includes PO file you can use to translate the theme into your own language.
Menu section to make adding your menu simple.
Display all your menu groups on one page.
Or have a page for each section of your menu.
You can use the built-in shortcode to display a menu group anyplace you’d like to.
Social Media
Add links to 11 social network sites.
Connect visitors to your Facebook page with our Facebook widget.
Show your latest tweets with our Twitter widget.
Add any other network of your choice in the theme options page.
Built-in lightbox galleries create attractive photo galleries for your visitors.
Ten different style lightboxes included.
Use the gallery format to turn any page into a slideshow.
Easily add a header video or image to any page or post.
Useful Widget Tools
Contact widget with your location, hours and map.
Custom featured post widget to place your posts on the home page or any sidebar.
Responsive video widget, latest Tweets and Facebook like box.
Create lists of your organization’s staff.
Add an image and a bio about each one.
Include contact information and links to social media profiles.

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June 9, 2023 - version 2.6

updated* IMPROVE: Text improvements. * FIX: PHP 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1 warnings and errors. * FIX: jQuery menu issues (dropdown menu). * FIX: Resolve jQuery migrate issues. * FIX: JavaScript error in Appearance > Widgets. * FIX: Contact Widget deprecated codes, errors, and warnings. - includes/widget-contact.php * FIX: Featured Posts Widget deprecated codes and errors. - includes/widget-posts.php * FIX: Featured Video Widget deprecated codes. - includes/widget-video.php * FIX: Facebook Page Widget deprecated codes. - includes/widget-video.php * FIX: Menu post type error. - includes/post-types/menu-type.php * FIX: Font fatal error in customizer. - includes/fonts.php * FIX: Fatal error in Options Framework Import / Export. - inc/options-backup.php * FIX: Fatal error in Textarea Custom Meta Box. - includes/custom-meta-boxes/init.php * FIX: Fatal error during fresh install. - options.php * FIX: Fatal error Theme Options. - inc/options-framework.php

January 10, 2018 - 2.5.9

updatedFixed demo's 5 images not showing up on the homepage.

05.26.2016 - 2.5.8

updated/includes/images.php -- took out function for image sizes as it prevented featured image box from displaying

05.18.2016 -- 2.5.7

updatedpage-home.php -- changed placement of a tags in featured row.

updated/includes/images.php -- wrapped image sizes in function so it can be overwritten.

04.23.2015 -- 2.5.6

updated/includes/fonts.php -- fixed call for heading font option

06.30.2014 -- 2.5.5

updatedstyle.css -- removed extra character options from body tag

05.30.2014 -- 2.5.4

updatedstyle.css -- made boxcaptions 85% width to keep text from overflowing instead of wrapping.

05.16.2014 -- 2.5.3

updatedstyle.css -- changed #logo and #text-logo to height: auto for smaller screens

updatedpage-menu-list.php -- fixed ordering by order number of menu items

updatedincludes/custom-meta-boxes/bottega-meta-boxes.php -- removed redirect field

03.31.2014 -- 2.5.2

updatedstyle.css -- changed ul li to #content ul li, .widget ul li to keep list bullets only in the main content areas.

03.26.2014 -- 2.5.1

updatedNote: Made the featured row images 167 pixels square.

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- removed conditional tag for loading slideshow

updatedincludes/script.php -- removed conditional tag for loading slideshow

updatedstyle.css -- changed spacing on home page based on 167 pixel square featured row images

updatedincludes/images.php -- changed featured-thumbnail to 167px square

newlayouts/post-formats.php -- added class to image format featured image

03.24.2014 -- 2.5.0

updatedVery significant release. Most theme files changed. The original menu page template has been retired and a new "Full Menu" page template introduced. The theme options page was also reorganized to be more efficient.

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed lightbox class to only be added to links to images. -- changed sidebar equalizing script to run on image load function -- changed masonry column and gutter width

updatedarchive.php -- added .post-title to h1

updated404.php -- added .post-title to h1

updatedjs/lightbox/themes -- updated to fix bottom border

updatedincludes/widget-posts.php -- moved global $more

newincludes/post-types/menu-type.php -- added sorting filter for menu groups.

newlayouts/post-meta.php -- added spans with classes to allow for more styling customizations

newstyles.css -- adjusted third level drop-down menus. -- add fit-video class for responsive videos -- added padding to sidebar and content -- added more padding to main content areas

01.15.2014 -- 2.4.6

updatedincludes/post-meta.php -- updated to remove comments reference when comments are closed

updatedpage-home.php -- changed "video" to "fit-video"

updatedjs/fitvids.js -- removed source requirement for videos

newincludes/widget-contact.php -- added one more date/time spot to the contact widget

10.01.2013 -- 2.4.5

updatedfooter.php -- fixed link to Google Plus. Added query counter and stop timer

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- updated to version 1.8

updatedincludes/queries.php -- added pre_get_posts function to set order of staff members

updatedtaxonomy-menu_group.php -- took out query_posts (no longer needed because of queries.php)

updatedoptions.php -- set default staff slug to "staff"

08.26.2013 -- 2.4.4

updatedfunctions.php -- wrapped loading files in conditional function. Updated excerpt trim function

updatedstyle.css -- removed featured row height and set bottom margin for images there. Removed height for contact widget map and set bottom margin to pull border closer on map iframe

updatedincludes/fonts.php -- updated list to version 1.1

updatedlayouts/staff-entry.php -- pulled staff entry information into separate file

newtaxonomy-staff-group.php -- added file for staff groups

newincludes/post-types/staff.php -- added option to change slugs for staff section

08.06.2013 -- 2.4.3

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- updated to work with jQuery 1.10.2 (WordPress 3.6)

newincludes/widget-contact.php -- added fourth day and time to widget

newncludes/post-types/menu-type.php -- added rewrite rule for menu items

newpage-home.php -- added the_excerpt to featured row (post option)


updatedAdded page-home.php -- optional location to display the_content on the home page.

updatedRemoved widget-twitter.php -- Twitter 1.0 API no longer supported.

updatedMoved bottega version meta tag from functions.php to scripts.php lightbox.js to version 1.7.1


newAdded single-organizedthemes_menu.php -- fallback for individual menu items


updatedUpdated titles.php -- new framework version scripts.php -- load stylesheet by wp_head hook -- changed from theme version of masonry to load WordPress core style.css -- made smartphone size footer sections 100% width with text-align center widget-facebook-like-box.php -- updated embed code (removes border) content-limit.php -- new framework version widget-posts.php -- added more content options widget-twitter.php -- completely new widget

newAdded Automatic Theme Updates 11 more Google fonts


updatedChanged page-menu.php -- Moved post formats above #page-full widget-contact.php -- Included a separate title above the address section

updatedFixed options-backup.php -- missing textdomain for translation


updatedFixed page-menu.php fixed location of post-formats to point to layouts folder.

newAdded custom-js.php -- Lightbox for individual image links


updatedChanged featured row text color set to white

newAdded options backup/export


updatedNotes rezipped Archive


updatedFixed style.css added .ie8 #footer-right to set width to keep icons from stacking

newAdded 11 more Google font faces


updatedAdded option to disable Google Fonts -- options.php, custom-css.php and fonts.php Header phone number option -- options.php, header.php, style.css, custom-css.php, theme-customizer.php


newAdded redirect option to menu items too


updatedConsolidated sidebars into one sidebar.php file Custom-js.php changed .video to .fit-video New social icons for the footer General code clean up Changed responsive styles of home page widgets Made slide indicator circles css generated instead of images

updatedRemoved: Page div from files

newAdded lightbox evolution (lightbox.php, options to options.php, lightbox folder in js and custom-js.php Google font options Navigation styling Option to upload new icon for social icons in footer Menu Group shortcode to display menu groups in pages/posts Option to display menu items in the featured row Masonry script for home page widgets Twitter Widget Featured Posts Widget Theme Customizer Support Layouts folder and moved appropriate files from includes there


updatedUpdated options framework (inc folder) to version 1.4

newAdded functions.php -- flush rewrite rules on activation and redirect to theme options on activation


updatedChanged home.php to page-home.php Options Framework to version 1.3 (changed directory from "admin" to "inc") Moved functions from functions.php to individual files in "includes" folder Style.css: made site responsive Header.php: updated to new standard head content Updated Facebook and Video widgets to most recent Organized Themes versions In page-staff and single-staff changed option_url to optional_url to correctly call optional link

updatedRemoved PressTrends Closing ?> from functions files

newAdded body-tag.php to include extra classes in the tag


updatedFixed page-menu.php, changed calling of includes/menu-loop.php to includes/menu-loop


newStaff section (/includes/post-types/staff.php, single-staff.php, sidebar-staff.php and page-staff.php) Custom-meta-boxes class added


newAdded footer.php & options.php--Optional Pinterest icon/link for footer


updated404.php--replaced output with list of pages, categories and posts


updatedReworked menu page template to work like original Bottega theme Moved class for menu item thumbnail to the featured image array instead of wrapping in a div. Applied shadow class to menu item thumbnails

updatedFixed ordering of menu items on menu group page (reflects numerical order now) Height of menu items in list. Took out default height and the bottom margin on the item description.

updatedRemoved: Background image of clock and pointer from contact widget


updatedFixed bug in layout of contact widget that caused some widgets on overlay it

updatedChanged slideshow to use custom post type Updated Facebook social plugin to latest version SEO titles (added Facebook meta tags too) Updated built-in pagination Moved CSS3 Pie loading to header instead of separate file and updated to version beta5 Added custom field redirect to fields.php file Changed menu page template to display the food custom post type Changed loading of the Nivo slider script to be conditional for the home page or a gallery post type Added WordPress pagination and removed references to WP-Pagenavi

newAdded options framework: Custom post type/taxonomy for food items (allows multiple menu listings) PO file for translation (and setting text domain of all elements) Post formats for images, galleries, and video Added fitvids.js to resize videos proportionally to fit areas Editor styles

Bottega is a flexible and easy to use theme for restaurants. It has easy menu management so you don't have to upload PDF's of your menus anymore. It's easy to customize with your own logo, colors and style.
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February 19, 2013
Updated On:
June 9, 2023
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IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Edge
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WordPress 6+
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Package, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files
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