How to use color psychology in dropshipping and make your business thrive

What do you need to succeed in dropshipping?

Standing out from your competitors, of course!

And, one of the most crucial things to pull it off is your store’s appearance. The right choice of colors for your website can give you a serious edge over your rivals. So, let’s learn more about color psychology in dropshipping and find out how to apply it to your online store.


The power of color psychology


Have you ever thought why so many fast-food restaurants use red in their logo design?

Actually, it’s not just a coincidence. Behind this popularity of the red color lies psychology.

Indeed, we may not notice that, but red has a deep impact on us. It works like a warning sign, catches our attention and causes our immediate response. That’s why KFC, Burger King and many others are so eager to use this color.

Many companies have learned about the power of color psychology and included it in their marketing strategy.

For instance, McDonald’s, who was a pioneer of using red to bring customers in, has recently followed the example of Starbucks and changed its tactic. Many McDonald’s restaurants have gone green, because this color makes people linger.

Online business is not an exception. Aside from that, in the digital world, you’ve got only several seconds to grab customers’ attention. If you’ve chosen the wrong colors while creating your online store, your visitors will quickly close the window/tab and leave your website without a backward glance.

That’s why it’s so important to learn about color psychology to create a design for your dropshipping store that could strike a chord with customers and blow them away.


Color psychology for your dropshipping business


So, how to use color psychology in dropshipping and pick the colors that suit your online store best?

Let’s start with the basics.

There are two main groups that colors could be divided into:

  • Chromatic colors, that include red, blue, green, orange, and so on. This group of colors can be additionally split into two subgroups – warm colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.) and cool colors (blue, green, violet, etc.)
  • Achromatic color, that include black, white, grey, and its shades.

Besides, every color has three aspects that define it:

  • Hue. In plain language, it’s the strength of light by which the color can be classified as red, blue, yellow, or blue. For example, if you change the hue of yellow, it turns into green, blue, etc.
  • Brightness. For instance, white has the maximum brightness and black has the minimum one. So, by changing brightness, you make a color closer to either black or white.
  • Saturation. In some words, it’s the purity of a color. If a color is fully saturated, it’s considered as the purest version of the color.

By playing with these three parameters, you enrich your website’s colors and improve its look. And, most importantly, you create a unique destination for your customers. Thus, visiting your online store will stick in their memory and make them return.

The question is, how to use color psychology in the right way and pick matching colors for your dropshipping store? You need your website to look well-balanced, don’t you?


To choose matching colors and create the best color palette, you can easily find the necessary information on the Internet and learn how to deal with it, or…

If that looks too overwhelming for you, you can a color palette generator like Adobe Color. It’s going to give you a hand in picking matching colors for your online store.

Anyway, it’s always a great idea to create a palette that is going to be in line with the niche you’ve chosen for your dropshipping business.

For example, if your store is dedicated to home décor, your website should give your customers a sense of coziness. Therefore, it’s best to use warm and quiet colors to let your visitors feel relaxed and comfortable.

Another important part of color psychology in dropshipping is the perception of colors in different cultures. For instance, the mourning color in Western countries is black, while it’s white in Asia. Thus, you need to find out how people perceive certain colors in the countries you target before putting them into service.



Dropshipping is a great business model. It’s affordable and almost everyone can give it a try.

However, the level of competition in this business is quite high. You should always look for ways to outdo your rivals. That’s why color psychology can come in handy and help you get ahead.


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