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It’s very, very hard to find a good hosting company. It’s also very, very hard to find a good company with a caring owner and employees.

I even considered self-hosting but thought “what if our Internet went down and our guests can’t browse our website?” and quickly let go of the idea.

The previous owner of Organized Themes was with WPX Hosting since December 2016 and also speaks positively about them. I used his account from September, 2017 until expiration (in December, 2017) and took advantage of their live chat during those months. I absolutely loved their personality, speed, and dedication to get my issue resolved.



However, since I had to get my own account, and wanted to save a few dollars per month, I decided to try another hosting (what a mistake!). I had already been reading about various hosting companies for the past months and have been through so many reviews. You would think that either all hosting companies are terrible or they are paying reviewers to write positive posts about them. That’s how I felt while reading the reviews. When I would settle with what I had thought was a good one, I would later read real negative reviews about them.

I ended up trusting one of the positive reviews (I doubt it was a paid review but it seems like it was an older post) and went with a certain hosting company.

Feeling strange about moving to another hosting, I went along with it (even though there were no issues with WPX Hosting). After a few days and transferring all files, databases and such, my website went down for a day or so. I experienced a not-so-good service and really slow loading. They even limited my bandwidth which made Organized Themes take 20 seconds to load. That was strange. I found out that it was because I was editing some pages and had some visits at the same time :/. Their customer service by email was good, albeit slow, but their live chat was inadequate, using Google Translate (That’s what some of the messages would say), very slow, and unprofessional. Some of my questions were left unanswered.

I needed a stable, fast, reliable hosting that also offered top-notch customer satisfaction! This means that the company should do what needs to be done to see you happy with their service (within reasonable limits). That’s what I had experienced with WPX Hosting. So, I decided to live chat with WPX and, as usual, they happily greeted me, and then offered me an exceptional 5 year plan at such a low cost for a WordPress Managed Hosting plan. I actually searched for other companies, just to compare prices, but found them to be up to 3 times more than WPX’s! Higher prices for similar products do not always mean higher quality. WPX Hosting uses the highest quality SSDs and equipment.

The best part is this: They still treat me the same way as they have treated me before signing up with them; with respect, kindness, and professionalism!

Why did Terry Kyle, their CEO, create WPX Hosting, and why should you consider choosing them?

Terry says that he tried many hosting companies and was disappointed with their service and support. He noticed needless limits imposed for no real reason, and so he decided to begin his own hosting company. I think that speaks for itself because when someone is tired of bad services, he’ll make sure his service excels.

So far, I have experienced extremely fast website loading, incredibly fast and kind live chat support (email included) from a knowledgeable and well trained staff (they usually answer a live chat within 15 seconds), superb uptime, a very user friendly backend, and excellent pricing.

WPX Hosting (formerly Traffic Planet Hosting) did not ask me to write this. I felt the need to write about them as I am super happy about choosing them to host our website and 2 subdomains. I feel like I struck gold as there are so many hosting companies. I am sure there are some that are wonderful as well, but Organized Themes had to find a home and could not be hopping from one place to the next.

After signing up with them, I immediately became an affiliate because I believe in their service. We were affiliates of another hosting company but once I took over Organized Themes in September, I removed them after reading many bad reviews about their bad practices. I simply cannot recommend corrupt businesses to any of our clients and visitors.

Organized Themes recommends WPX Hosting, wholeheartedly.


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Why WPX Rocks – in their own words:

  • A ‘Staging Area’ where you can merge your Staging site version with the Live site version WITHOUT losing new blog comments or post/page changes on the Live site since the Staging version was created;
  • WPX Hosting’s 24/7/365 Support Team AVERAGE under 30 seconds response time, according to Live Chat Inc (the independent live chat platform used by WPX Hosting);
  • “FIXED FOR YOU” Guarantee: Unlike old-school hosting company support that sends you a link to an article when you get into technical trouble & expects you to fix the issue, we do it for you, FAST & FREE (and we can still send you an article link if you want!). WPX Hosting is like your own F1 pit crew, ready 24/7/365 to get your technical problems resolved fast;
  • SUPERFAST high-end new SSD servers deliberately UNDERloaded for high performance under extreme traffic loads (e.g. email marketing broadcasts, product launches);
  • UNLIMITED Free Google-Sponsored SSL Certificates Installed & Active In Under 10 Seconds;
  • PHP 7.X Enabled (Plus Earlier Versions) + http2 enabled;
  • Unlimited FREE Site Migration from your current host to WPX Hosting Within 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week;
  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting With FREE Email Included (Unlike Many Others);
  • US servers Located In The World’s Largest Data Center Along With America’s Financial Infrastructure, UK servers in London too;
  • Enterprise-level Incapsula DDoS protection on ALL plans.


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