Why SEO Is Important for Business and What Right Programming Language You Need to Choose

What’s All the Fuss About SEO Development?

SEO and JavaScript developers or an SEO expert with Java developer skills and experience are all the more effective in implementing SEO strategies. These experts and businesses can have a mutually beneficial relationship in that both benefit greatly.


How SEO Helps Businesses

  1. Builds the trustworthiness and credibility of the business.
    Higher ranking in search engines means more website visits and users finding the website worthwhile. SEO aims to improve websites with quality content – reliable backlinks, positive user experience, and optimization of page elements and contents – to improve search ranking over time.
  2. Good SEO indicates quality user experience.
    Websites need high-quality user experience in order to generate, build, and sustain its credibility and relevance. SEO helps websites enhance user experience with, as previously mentioned, quality and optimized content. The positive user experience can then be used by the website to build its ranking and credibility.
  3. Increase in customer engagement, conversion, and traffic.
    People search to find answers to their problems or questions, this means that traffic coming in that way goes towards improving the reliability of a website in that it was somehow a source of a potential solution to the user. More traffic coming in can drive an increased conversion, increasing sales and positive user experience.
  4. Can impact customer purchase cycles and decisions.
    When SEO is done right, this can have a long-term impact on consumer purchasing cycles. The more the business affects the consumers and those that visit the website, the better the traffic, conversion, and search ranking, be a positive impact on the business overall.
  5. Quality SEO is more financially sustainable.
    Hiring an SEO expert, equipped with JS developer or Java developer skills and experience, is investing in the right skills and knowledge to understand business needs which translate into an effective website. SEO developers are skilled at understanding your goals for the business website and incorporating the best of SEO strategies that work best for the business.
  6. No short-term fix, only long-term strategizing.
    Done well, the effects of SEO can be tangible within a year, and continue for more years. But like the market and technology, SEO strategies need to adapt and evolve through time to leverage the changes felt in the market. For a successful SEO strategy, investing in quality skills and time is necessary.
  7. Offers measurable performance.
    SEO experts are also able analyze correlations between strategies and their impact on the outcome of the implementation. In understanding progress, performance, correlations between strategy and outcomes, businesses will be able to make better decisions on how to proceed with future SEO strategies.
  8. Avenue for opportunities.
    SEO experts open up the stakeholders’ perspective to new ideas, strategies, and innovative approaches on how to improve their business. For SEO experts and developers, be they JavaScript developer or Java developer, they are provided with the chance to immerse themselves in the business – understand and translate its needs, goals, and objectives into platforms capable of achieving them.


Why SEO and Programming Go Hand in Hand

To be a highly effective and well-rounded SEO expert developer, one needs to complement the business marketing skills and expertise with technical programming expertise. Businesses with this kind of expert advantage can leverage both their knowledge of the best SEO strategies and their development skills. This is the most cost-effective and efficient way for businesses and SEO experts to keep ahead in this competitive market.


SEO Programming

To get the best of SEO for your business, it is best to employ the services of programming-capable SEO experts, like JavaScript developers or Java developers, and/or data analytics. There are a few key programming languages and skills that are important in developing web platforms and analytics tools.


JavaScript is one of the top scripting languages in the market. Paired with tools like jQuery, AJAX, JSON, and XML, JavaScript for web developers is one of the best tools for processing and transforming such data as an efficient and cost-effective way for the platform.


HTML and CSS are the tools used for developing the user-facing interface. It covers forms, landing pages, transitions, color, layout, and other presentation-related aspects of developing a website. Web developers like JavaScript developers are also highly skilled in HTML and CSS, as JavaScript works closely with the user-facing interface of the platform.


One of the most popular server-side programming languages, PHP has a diverse set of libraries and tools that enables developers to build modular and/or object-oriented backend structure. One of the most popular paradigms used on PHP development is the Model-View-Controller (MVC), delineating the core objects (Model) from the user-facing interface (View) with the Controller acting as a go-between.


Java is among the classic core programming languages available and is a versatile tool with a breadth of tools, libraries, learning sources, and successful projects. Java developers are highly sought-after in the tech industry and have skills ranging from developing standalone software to network-based web platforms.


Python is among the top analytical programming languages available in the market with a wide breadth of libraries capable of handling and analyzing large amounts of data, processing relationships within datasets,  and managing databases. Python is also easy to learn, with its simple syntax and structures, making it a great tool for SEO experts to have in their toolbox.


R is another powerful statistical and analytical programming language in the market today. Aside from processing data, R also produces highly digestible information presented in various forms. It is also extensible and can be embedded into web platforms.


Balance of Technical and Consumer Skills

SEO experts need both the consumer skills to best understand and translate business needs, identify the best SEO marketing strategy to apply, and apply their programming skills to transform that information into an accessible web platform. Businesses have a global pool of skilled professionals to hire from, like freelance JavaScript developers or remote SEO experts. Know your business needs, and seek the SEO expert and developer that would meet them!

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