What is the purpose of a church website?

It really is remarkable just how much the Internet has changed our culture and our lives. Just yesterday I found myself blocked in by a broken down freight train with no idea of how to get past. If this had happened in April I’d probably still be stuck there. But now I pulled out my iPhone and used Google maps to find a way around.

We rarely go anywhere or do anything without first checking the net. Why should we expect it to be any different when people are looking for a church?

Most people, especially those under 40, are going to make your church website the first spot they check out first when they consider your church.  They are going to need directions and service times, but they are going to want to know who your church is and what you are all about.  This gets communicated through the language you choose to express yourself as well as the layout, colors and graphics you choose.  All of these together should reflect what your church’s vision and purpose is.

So one of the main purposes of a church website is to inform potential visitors about your church.

A second major purpose is to provide an information hub for your congregation. Church websites that are consistently updated are a great resource for their congregations.  I say frequently updated because all too often churches have a site that is set up for them, but there is no way for the staff to update them.  So this site that was incredible the week it was launched seems out of touch two months later and is really an embarrassment at the six months mark.  How often does a church have an online registration for an event that has passed still on prominent display on their front page?

If they don’t have a web programmer on staff who could blame them?

But now any church can have a website that they can easily maintain using WordPress and one of the themes we offer here, or by adapting some of the literally thousands of other themes that are out there.

It’s not enough to have a website, or even one that looks good.  It has to be updated both for potential guests and your congregation.  Check back to www.organizedthemes.com or subscribe to our RSS feed as we get into the nuts and bolts of everything it takes to run a top notch church website.


M.Lawson April 15, 2015

I am looking for general guidelines to


    Bill Robbins April 15, 2015

    I’ll see if I can help out. What kind of guidelines are you looking for?


nice blog February 13, 2011

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