Web Development Trends in 2021

The Internet brought many advantages to people living in every corner of earth. Thanks to the online world, we can now connect with friends and family, regardless of where they are, stay updated with the latest local, national, and global news, shop and pay the bills online, etc. Not only that, but the Internet proved to be a massive benefit for businesses that like to market themselves.

Digital marketing has helped them have a wider reach, target their audience more effectively, and measure the results much easier. Not only that, but compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is a far more cost-effective solution. Websites are at the centre of online presence and marketing as they can help the business inform the potential clients on their services, prices, contacts, etc.

With that being said, we wanted to name some of the web development trends in 2021 that will make your business website look more professional, and thus, attract many new potential clients. Let’s have a look.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in the recent period. Many online businesses started using it as it provides protection and safety for both the clients and businesses. Let’s take a look at online casinos, specifically one casino site, as an example.

NetBet is one of the most reputable online casinos that relies on AI a lot. There are two types of AI technology that the casino uses. The first one is called an RNG, or Random Number Generators. This AI controls the games and creates random outcomes so that every player can have equal chances of winning. Through RNGs, this online casino enforces fair-play.

The second type of AI is something that all businesses, especially those that deal with transactions would need. It is called SSL-encryption software. This is a security system that takes all the data from the players and turns it into unbreakable codes. In doing so, it protects the customers on the platform and the platform itself from unwanted visitors.


Dark Mode

Next up, we have dark mode. This trend has been going on for the past 2 years as there are many benefits to it. First off, it is soothing to the eye as it does not tire it as much as light themes, and that ultimately improves the user experience on your website. Additionally, dark mode has proven to be friendly for the battery, as it does not drain it as much as light themes. That is why some of the world’s most reputable platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram decided to use dark mode. This trend is only getting bigger in 2021, and you should consider using it.


Mobile Optimization

There are several tools that your business shouldn’t miss out on, and when it comes to websites, mobile optimization is one of them. Smartphones are reaching a new high and a majority of the population is expected to only use mobile devices to surf the net in the next 2-3 years. Making your site mobile-friendly will not only increase your professionalism, but it will also increase the traffic by adding people who access it from their phones, and ultimately, increase the ranking of your site. This trend is one of the most important ones that we have on the list and has become a must for all types of websites.


Voice Search Optimization

Finally, we have voice search optimization. This option has recorded a spike in popularity in the recent period as it allows customers to easily search your websites by speaking into the mic, rather than typing. It is a far more efficient search tool and by adding it to your website, you will stay ahead of the competition and increase your professionalism by a milestone.

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