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Mise En Place is packed with useful features. Here’s what you can expect:

Easy To Customize
Use your own logo and colors.
See your styling changes live as you make them in the customizer.
Choose from over 600 Google Fonts to match your style.
Add any widget to the cart menu, the mobile menu, the footer, and sidebars.
Page Builder
Create any layout you want with drag and drop ease.
Uses familiar WordPress widgets that you already know how to use.
Create unlimited menu pages, landing pages and more.
Use only when you want to.
* This theme uses the excellent and free Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Even the layout on the homepage is made with it.
Great Menu Support
Easily add your menu items.
Support for optional thumbnails which open in a lightbox when clicked.
Display the menu like you want to: by widget, page template or add directly to navigation.


Fully responsive design that works great across screen sizes.
Mobile-friendly menus and contact information so your visitors can find you easily.
Full support for WooCommerce built in so you can have e-commerce on your site.
Sell anything from take out to apparel from your restaurant.


Well coded to make your site very fast. The speed test above was performed with WooCommerce turned on to demonstrate that even with everything, Mise En Place is one of the fastest themes you can use.
Speed = potentially improved conversions and better search rankings.
Wait, There’s More!
Timely and helpful support straight from the developer.
Includes 10 image lightbox styles.
Choose between a right or left sidebar, or a full width layout.
Built in Mailchimp newsletter widget.
Automatic theme updates.
Translation ready.

Mise En Place will give your restaurant a website you can be proud of for years to come.

February 17, 2021 - version 1.2.9

updated- Updated superfish.js (js/mise-en-place.js). - Updated js/parallax.js.

November 12, 2020 - version 1.2.8

updated- Improved the display of the WooCommerce product gallery which is below the main product image. - Fixed a deprecated function, get_cart_url. - Updated WooCommerce templates. * styles-woocommerce.css * header.php * woocommerce/cart/cart.php * woocommerce/cart/cross-sell.php * woocommerce/single-product-review.php

November 11, 2019 - version 1.2.7

updated- includes/scripts.php: Previously, clicking on a WooCommerce product tab on the frontend would just scroll down to that tab. Now, clicking on a tab reveals the information in there. Example, clicking on Reviews will now show the reviews section as it should. - style.css: minor update to the dropdown menu for reviews on WooCommerce product pages. - Updated WooCommerce templates: woocommerce/archive-product.php woocommerce/single-product-review.php woocommerce/cart/cart.php woocommerce/review-order.php woocommerce/loop/pagination.php

July 26, 2019 - version 1.2.6

updatedstyle.css - Design and demo improvements. - Increased width of content area when no sidebar is used. - Better animation for opening and closing cart and mobile menus. - Added arrows for menus with dropdown menus. - Fixed product search widget button position overlapping placeholder text. It's now clickable.

February 5, 2018 - version 1.2.5

updatedheader.php - Fixed logo issue. Logo can now be changed from customizer. Alternate logo (when editing homepage) now works with https.

updatedChanged font text hover color for dropdown menus (using customizer)

updatedDisabled and removed the code for Page Transition Animations as it was preventing some elements from loading properly when switching pages: header.php - deleted code for page transition animations includes\scripts.php - deleted code for page transition animations includes\customizer-options.php - deleted code for page transition animations

newAdded example shop page to menu to show WooCommerce compatibility

December 12, 2017 - version 1.2.1

newFixed menu and images not starting in their position on the homepage and menu. style.css -- Added CSS code float:left; to .panel-grid-cell

May 18, 2017 - version 1.2

newpage-builder.php —- added compatibility for SiteOrigin Page Builder 2.5+

1.1.3 ( 14 November 2016 )

updatedstyle.css -- fixed text logo font size for compatibility with the customizer

new/includes/scripts.php -- moved smoothState loading to separate file -- added registering and enqueuing of smoothStateInit.js

1.1.2 ( 19 August 2016 )

updated/includes/widget-intro.php -- fixed reference to title that should have been button

updated/styles-animate.css -- fixed slide in animations so they remain visible on mobile devices

new/includes/customizer-styles.php -- added default and empty values to conditional statements where appropriate

1.1.1 ( 8 June 2016 )

updated/includes/widgets/widget-video.php -- fixed scalar value message

updated/includes/scripts.php -- fixed smooth scrolling to work with newer jQuery versions

updated/includes/page-builder.php -- updated mise_en_place_panel_render function to match changes to page builder plugin

new/includes/meta-boxes.php -- added layout options for left/right sidebars per page

new/includes/customizer-options.php -- added default layout option

new/styles-woocommerce.css -- added external product button to button list size

1.1.0 ( 23 March 2016 )

updated/includes/body-tag.php -- removed preload tag function

updatedfooter.php -- wrapped sidecart section in div to prevent loading if WooCommerce is not active

updatedfunctions.php -- wrapped loading of food in conditional to correspond to new option

updated/includes/load-plugins/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php -- updated to version 2.5.2

updated/includes/widgets.php -- fixed ID for mobile menu

updated/includes/customizer-options.php -- removed options for intro widget font sizes

updated/includes/customizer-styles.php -- took out font sizes from intro widget styles

newstyle.css -- made adjustments to mobile cart page -- added core page builder styles -- added classes for into widget shadows -- added style for mobile row backgrounds

new /includes/scripts.php -- added helper to hide animated elements until script loads (from -- removed preload section from footer scripts

new/includes/widgets/widget-intro.php -- added options for animation duration and delay

new/includes/customizer-options.php -- added option to remove food section -- added option to disable widget animations

new/includes/images.php -- added function to add titles to attachment links. Allows for captions in lightbox galleries.

new/includes/page-builder-animations.php -- added functions to animate widgets in page builder

new/includes/page-builder.php -- removed loading of core builder stylesheet -- added advanced section to replace "attributes" -- added parallax option for backgrounds

new/includes/widgets/widget-intro.php -- added font size and shadow options

1.0.2 ( 22 December 2015 )

updated/includes/woocommerce.php -- removed reference to widget-product-tabs.php

1.0.1 ( 15 December 2015 )

updated/includes/widgets/widget-category-products.php -- changed desc order to asc

updated/includes/widgets/widget-menu-group.php -- changed order to menu_order

updated/includes/widgets/widget-intro.php -- fixed label on "none" option so it no longer says "bounce"

1.0.0 ( 1 December 2015 )

newFirst release

In French, Mise En Place means "put in place" and carries the idea that a chef has everything they need in place before the cooking ever begins. Our Mise En Place WordPress theme is designed with that same philosophy, giving you the tools you need to create an amazing site for your restaurant.
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