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Epic is an easy to customize theme that has been made specifically for today’s churches.

Here are some of its standout features.

Engaging Design

  • Retina display ready.
  • Responsive and mobile ready.

Robust Podcasting

  • Message series template with series artwork.
  • Audio and video feeds for iTunes and RSS subscriptions.
  • Downloadable audio and message notes.
  • Widgets for latest message and message series list.
  • Speaker archives so all messages by each speaker are available.

Easy To Customize

  • Uses theme customizer so you can make live changes to your colors/style.
  • Choose from three layouts for the top of your home page.
  • Built-in light and dark styles.
  • Two locations for your logo: above navigation bar or inside it.
  • Google web fonts built-in.
  • Use your own logo and branding.

Media Support

  • Touch enabled slideshow on home page.
  • Slideshow supports images and video together.
  • Support for video format with striking header videos on any page/post.
  • Create a header slideshow by using the gallery format.
  • Support for the image format adds an image to the header of any page/post.
  • Create unlimited thumbnail galleries with a pop-up lightbox image viewer.
  • Choose from 10 available skins for the lightbox viewer.

Useful Tools

  • 9 custom widgets: Facebook, featured video, featured page, featured posts, latest podcast, podcast series, and contact.
  • Staff section to easily create lists of your staff/volunteers.
  • Built in Mailchimp newsletter support (in contact widget).
  • Donate buttons via shortcodes.
  • Support for The Event Calendar.
  • Translation ready with included PO file.

Plus, you receive our Concierge Support to help you with any problems you have.

May 26, 2022 - version 3.6

updated* UPDATE: Styling issues after upgrading The Events Calendar. - functions.php, style.css * FIX: Block-based widgets caused widgets section to not work properly. - functions.php * FIX: Changed http to https for some links to keep them secure. - footer.php, includes/fonts.php

June 01, 2021 - version 3.5

updated* UPDATE: PHP 8 compatibility. * UPDATE: WordPress 5.7 compatibility. * Fixes: - Undefined variables/indexes in inc/options-interface.php - Widget: Video - missing constructor - includes/widget-video.php - Widget: Podcast Series - missing constructor - includes/widget-podcast-series.php - Widget: Podcast Series - fixed init - includes/widget-podcast-series.php - Widget: Posts - missing constructor - includes/widget-posts.php - Widget: Last Podcast - missing constructor - includes/widget-last-podcast.php - Widget: Last Podcast - fix init - includes/widget-last-podcast.php - Widget: Featured Page - missing constructor - includes/widget-featured-page.php - Widget: Facebook Like Box - missing constructor - includes/widget-facebook-like-box.php - Widget: Facebook Like Box - fixed init - includes/widget-featured-page.php - Widget: Contact - missing constructor - includes/widget-contact.php - Widget: Contact - undefined indexes - includes/widget-contact.php - Deprecated method removal - inc/options-backup.php - Deprecated method removal - inc/options-framework.php - Undefined Index - inc/options-interface.php - Undefined `$post` object - includes/post-types/staff.php - Undefined `$post` object - includes/post-types/podcast.php - JavaScript Event Binding for Media Library fix - inc/js/media-uploader.js - Deprecated `live()` jQuery function fix - includes/custom-meta-boxes/js/cmb.js - Undefined array - includes/fonts.php - Superfish menu updated to latest version - js/superfish.js - JavaScript Refresh for Superfish - includes/scripts.php - Added support for sub, sub-sub and sub-sub-sub menus - style.css - Added arrows for sub, sub-sub and sub-sub-sub menus - style.css

March 26, 2018 - version 3.4

updatedstyle.css – fixed share buttons display.

updatedsingle-podcast.php – fixed download notes and audio bug, added the code to display Message Video File.

updatedtaxonomy-series.php - fixed display image bug.

updatedpage-series-list.php - fixed display image bug.

updatedlayouts/podcast-details.php - fixed download notes and audio bug.

updatedlayouts/options.php - fixed misspelling.

updatedincludes/custom-css.php - fixed navigation font size bug.

March 22, 2018 - version 3.3

updatedincludes/theme-customizer.php - small text fixes.

updatedincludes/options.php - small text fixes.

updatedstyle.css: 1. Applied responsive fix to make podcast images that are less than the full width, full width. 2. Made full width page wider as it was too narrow. 2. Responsive views fixes (homepage hero sidebar had widgets overlapping the hero).

February 20, 2018 - version 3.2

updatedincludes/custom-css.php - fixed body font size in Theme Options > Styling, and mobile menu background (It was a different color than the one chosen in Theme Options).

February 19, 2018 - version 3.1

newincludes\custom-css.php: Added theme option for changing 'Navigation Drop-Down Background Color' in Theme Options > Styling. Also fixed setting in Theme Options > Styling > 'Navigation Link Hover Background' - now works to change background hover color of a menu item.

newincludes\options.php - Added theme option for changing 'Navigation Drop-Down Background Color' in Theme Options > Styling.

April 3, 2017 - version 3.0

newNew design -- Brand new modern color scheme -- New typeface -- New style for events page and widget -- New menu style -- New full width page -- New podcast widget and page -- New logo layout -- New speaker archives, including author pictures and biographies **Please make sure you have used a child theme for any customizations made to the original theme. Upon successful update, any changes not made to a child theme will be lost.

December 22, 2014 - version 2.0.13

updatedsingle-podcast.php -- changed media player to Media Element Shortcode from core

updatedincludes/scripts.php -- removed theme's media element files

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- removed media element

updatedjs/mediaelement -- removed folder

November 11, 2014 - version 2.0.12

updatedlayouts/newsletter.php -- changed loading of Mailchimp API path

November 10, 2014 -- version 2.0.11

updatedstyle.css -- changed navigation menu font-size from a to li

updatedfunctions.php -- moved Mailchimp signup function back to layouts/newsletter.php

updatedlayouts/newsletter.php -- moved Mailchimp signup function back here.

September 11, 2014 -- version 2.0.10

updatedbody-tag.php -- changed output of individual post layout

08.11.2014 -- version 2.0.9

updatedincludes/fonts.php -- removed output of font-weight from font options and updated list to version 1.3 (3 new fonts)

updatedstyle.css -- removed animated styles from end of stylesheet

05.22.2014 -- version 2.0.8

newincludes/widget-contact.php -- added Pinterest option

newstyle.css -- added pinterest icon

05.16.2014 -- version 2.0.7

updatedincludes/widget-contact.php -- fixed yelp link

03.11.2015 -- version 2.0.6

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed lightbox loading to apply to all links with images

newstyle.css -- added #comments to .reply to prevent conflict with bbPress -- added styles for message series images on small screens

12.09.2013 -- version 2.0.5

newhome-slideshow.php -- added slide ID to each slide

newhome-sidebar.php -- added slide ID to each slide

newfonts.php -- updated to list version 1.2

newcustom-css.php -- added h2.widget-title to font section

newsidebar.php -- added staff template to staff sidebar

09.26.2013 - version 2.0.4

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- updated to version 1.8

updatedpage-full.php -- fixed link to post-formats.php

updatedcustom-css.php -- fixed sizing of text logo when outside location is selected

updatedstyle.css -- changed some styles regarding default form inputs

newqueries.php -- added check for main query and option to select number of staff displayed

08.06.2013 - version 2.0.3

updatedstyle.css -- fixed cut off second level drop-down menus

updatedjs/lightbox.js -- updated script to work with jQuery 1.10.2

newincludes/custom-meta-boxes/epic-meta-boxes.php -- added video fields

newincludes/shortcodes.php -- added shortcode for responsive video

newincludes/fonts.php -- added 13 more Google Fonts

07.13.2013 - version 2.0.2

updatedstyle.css - updated styles for The Event Calendar 3.0

newincludes/custom-css.php - added body.light to background options (fixes color selection with light background)

06.29.2013 - version 2.0.1

updatedincludes/widget-facebook.php -- updated embed code and added title option

updatedjs/fitvids.js -- removed sources from iframe match

updatedstyle.css -- tweaked responsive part of Event Calendar and added max-width for Facebook widget

06.28.2013 - version 2.0.0 Notes: Major update to the theme. Virtually every file changed in some respect

updatedFixed third layer navigation moving too far to the right

updatedUpdated flexslider.js to version 2.1

updatedhome.php changed to page-home.php

updatedtitles.php updated to current version

updatedarchive-podcast.php & taxonomy-speaker.php to make podcast full width (removed sidebar)

updatedlightbox.js to version 1.7.1

updatedstyle.css -- tweaked mobile styles for more consistent widget performance

updatedimages.php -- changed "single" thumbnail maximum height from 400 to 540 pixels (match widescreen video size)

updatedoptions.php -- added help tab

updatedoption for individual page/post layout changes

updatedRemoved includes/widget-home-posts.php

updatedRemoved page-blog.php -- no longer needed

updatedRemoved js/masonry.js -- loaded version from WordPress core

updatedRemoved includes/editor.php

updatedRemoved includes/widget-twitter.php -- Twitter API 1.0 no longer works. Use Twitter Widget Pro plugin

newincludes/theme-updater.php -- support for theme updates

newincludes/widget-posts.php -- updated post widget for home page

newincludes/taxonomy-images.php -- add support for series images

newincludes/fonts.php -- add support for Google fonts

newincludes/theme-customizer.php -- add support for theme customizer

newincludes/shortcodes.php -- added in buttons for donations and lead style

newlayouts/podcast-details.php -- consolidated data into one file

newlayouts/post-meta.php -- consolidate post metadata into one spot

newjs/tinynav.js -- mobile navigation


updatedScripts.php to remove conditional on IE loading


newLightbox evolution for galleries

newReverse escape function for podcast feed


updatedOptions Framework (inc folder) to version 1.4

newImages.php to separate images from functions.php

newAdded redirect to theme options on theme activation to functions.php


newAdded "description" to taxonomy-speaker.php to allow descriptions of speakers.


newOptions.php & custom-css.php: options for custom navigation colors.


updatedstyle.css: changed directional nav class names to match changes to flexslider.


updatedstyle.css: changed widget width to 268px to allow for correct width with border using dark style


updatedtyle.css: changed event meta color for light style. Moved navigation sub-menu down 5 pixels

updatedcustom-css.php: added #tribe-events-content h2.entry-title a:hover to link hover color


updatedpodcast-feed-page.php to most recent version.

updatedcustom-js.php: added no-conflict variable and changed width of home page widgets to 312


updatedSet background for calendar details to transparent for The Events Calendar plugin

newRemoved most closing ?> from functions files


updatedMoved custom.js content to custom-js.php file. Updated masonry loading to fix IE issue.

updatedRemoved "round" class from staff thumbnails to fix IE 8 bug.


updatedFixed change "option_url" to "optional_url" in single-staff.php and taxonomy-staff-group.php


updatedFixed style.css added height: auto to single article.staff-list to fix overflow bug on single-staff.php


updatedAdded "static-2" class to secondary videos/images in the static home page layout

updatedChanged "get_stylesheet_directory_uri" to "get_template_directory_uri" in staff.php and podcast.php

updatedChanged the "listen" links to point to the single-podcast.php where the audio player is taxonomy-series.php to include series description and title and also removed secondary thumbnails

updatedThumbnail size on single-podcast.php to make it proportional to archive thumbnail

updatedUpdated options framework to version 1.3 (which changed directory from admin to inc)

updatedMoved script loading from functions.php to scritps.php

updatedMoved sidebar and widget settings from funcitons.php to widgets.php

updatedFlexslider.js to version 2.0

updatedFixed size of secondary videos when using static home page layout (style.css)

updatedFixed overlapping text when using long message/series/speaker names (style.css)

newTHA theme hooks (includes/tha-theme-hooks.php) to give child themes/plugins more hooks to work with

newMedia Element.js audio player for podcast files to single view podcast episodes


updatedUpdated: page-feed-page.php and epic-meta-boxes.php to add in duration and fix feed URL not populating properly.

updatedremoved Microsoft filter from body.light header in style.css (fix's Internet Explorer menu bug).


newFirst Release

Epic is an easy to customize theme that's been made specifically for today's churches.
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June 28, 2013
Updated On:
August 22, 2022
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IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Edge
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WordPress 6+
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Podcasts, The Events Calendar.
Files Included:
Package, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files
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All of our themes are compatible with Elementor.
All of our modern themes are PHP 8.1 compatible.

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