Key Features

  • Easy portfolio management using a WordPress custom post type and collections
  • Seven styles included
  • Easy to style theme with included style builder
  • Theme control panel for easy option setting
  • Support for images of any aspect ratio
  • Optimized for SEO including microformats for local search
  • Client Rave section and widget for customer testimonials
  • Integrated blog
  • Custom widgets for Client Raves, Flickr, Facebook, Simple Contact Info, About You, and Video
  • Fantastic support from us

05.16.2014 -- version 2.2.2

updatedincludes/custom-js.php -- changed lightbox script to apply to all image links.

02.05.2014 -- version 2.2.1

updatedstyle.css -- added minimum height to #collection .slider-one to keep only a background strip from showing.

12.16.2013 -- version 2.2.0

newheader.php -- added meta tag for viewport

newstyle.css -- added responsive styles

9.25.2013 -- version 2.1.4

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- updated to version 1.8

updatedfunctions.php -- updated excerpt function

updatedtitles.php -- updated to latest version

updatedheader.php -- changed title tag to reflect new titles.php

updatedincludes/gallery-metabox/gallery-metabox.php -- updated to work with WordPress 3.7+

newincludes/theme-updater.php -- added support for theme updates

newoptions.php -- added options to disable theme updates and removed options related to built-in SEO

8.16.2013 -- version 2.1.3

updatedinc folder -- updated to latest version (added import/export)

updatedincludes/widget-facebook-likebox.php -- updated embed code (removes border)

08.06.2013 -- version 2.1.2

updatedjs/lightbox/lightbox.js -- updated to work with jQuery 1.10.2 (WordPress 3.6)

updatedjs/fitvids.js -- removed source requirement from script


updated-Updated gallery Metabox to version 1.5 -Moved General Sidebar to the top of the sidebar list -Changed home.php to page-home.php

updatedRemoved OT Gallery

new-Added Lightbox Evolution based gallery searchform.php -Redirect to theme options on theme activation -Flush rewrite rules on theme activation -Offset and direction options to slideshow


updated-Updated options Framework (inc folder) to version 1.4 -Removed remaining closing ?> from function files


newAdded page-full.php: full width page template


updatedFixed custom-css.php: added #navigation to .menu-item a:hover


updatedFixed custom-css.php: removed extra "2's" from the #header background gradient for Firefox and Opera


newAdded link to fancybox stylesheet in header.php


newAdded background-image: none; to #header and #footer to custom-css.php


updatedFixed style.css -- removed from #footer filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#ffffff', endColorstr='#DCDCDC',GradientType=0 ); to fix custom colors with Internet Explorer


updated-Changed loading of jQuery from Google to local WordPress version to version 1.0 -Options framework to version 1.3 (moved directory from admin to inc) -Split individual functions from functions.php to separate files -Video widget added support for fitvids.js

newAdded gallery metabox to portfolio items


updatedAdded height to image tag on home page so parallax background would attach on refresh


updated-Added function to enqueue script in functions.php -Updated Custom CSS -Changed gradient format for Internet Explorer 8 and under -Removed unnecessary !important declarations from stylesheets and custom CSS generator -Fixed parallax CSS bug introduced in version 2.0.0 (kept image from moving in some situations)


updated-Changed portfolio view to include all images loaded to a portfolio -Removed catalogs taxonomy (no longer needed) -Added meta box to media uploader select front page images -Changed jQuery version to 1.7.1 -Updated Facebook widget -Updated file to beta 5 version -Transferred legacy IE support to load in header via the functions.php file

newAdded options framework


newInitial release of Curator

Curator is a professional WordPress theme for photographers and artists. It has been designed from the ground up to give you an attractive portfolio that is easy to manage as well as vital tools to enhance your business.
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January 1, 2012
Updated On:
August 22, 2022
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IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Edge
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