Moonrise - Restaurant WordPress Theme

Moonrise redesign

Hi guys,

We just released a new update to Moonrise which features a full redesign, bringing it to version 2.0.

Let us know what you guys think! We’d love to hear your opinion.




James December 5, 2017

Super nice, classy, elegant theme! I like the Lora font. Menu – this is what customers spend the most time looking at. I think this theme would benefit from bundling menu and reservations plugin.


    Ramsey December 6, 2017

    Thanks, James! I agree that the menu is the “star” of a restaurant website. Since this theme was re-designed by the previous owner, I’d like to put some of my touches to it in a few months. I’d like to improve the mobile menu and add some color here and there to the theme.
    I’ll see how we can add the bundling menu and reservation feature later on :).


      James Gavioli December 7, 2017


      Looking forward to the update. Super attractive theme as it is.


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