Mastering Mobile SEO Strategies Is Essential For Any San Diego SEO Agency

San Diego is a very historic and important county in the United States as a whole and California in particular. As at the 2010 population census, the population of this county was put at almost 3.1 million individuals. Of course, almost a decade later, this number will be much higher.

The county’s seat-of-government, which is San Diego city, is listed as the 8th most populous city in the United States and the second most populous in California. Considering that California is the most populated state in the United States, this is by no means a mean feat.

Among all the important bits of information about this area, one that we will be focusing on in this article is the business or economic aspect. This area is home to just a couple of fortune 500 companies. This means that the economy of this area is largely driven by small businesses.

According to data that you can check out here, using a 2012 data, we find that as at then, the county had on record almost 250,000 businesses that consisted mainly of a single individual, meaning that it had no paid staff. It also had about 77,330 businesses that had in its employ at least an individual.

We are therefore looking at neighborhood businesses, stores, bakers, estate agents, restaurants, and the like. All of these are businesses that will not have huge advertising budgets and so will rely on an effective, yet affordable, alternative like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO San Diego Agencies will be in very high demand in this area and any such agency must as a matter of responsibility and efficiency master mobile SEO strategies.

Why Mobile SEO?

Before we even begin to look at why we think mastering mobile SEO is critical, let us first understand what it means.

What is Mobile SEO?

This is an aspect of search engine optimization that focuses on making websites very mobile friendly so as to reach the teeming crowd of mobile users. This means that a website is designed in such a way that when viewed on a device such as a smartphone, iPad, or other tablets the users can interact fully with its content as much as someone who accesses that same website from a desktop or laptop computer.

Such websites are today referred to as “Responsive”. Having a responsive website is regarded as being so important that Google now penalizes websites that do not meet this standard. You can read about this here:

What’s so special about Mobile SEO?

So, we are back to this question and now we will look at some important stats that will show us just why any smart SEO agency must master this aspect of search engine optimization.

Here we go….

Mobile Users

As at April 2019, the number of people that use mobile devices was put at about 4 billion individuals. These users were responsible for about 48% of all web access. This means that for every 100 visits to a website, about 48 of those were done via a mobile device.

If your website is not responsive, you will be at a disadvantage even before you start, having lost 48% of your potential visitors. A competitor with a responsive site will enjoy a huge advantage over you.

Mobile Search

Google alone is said to receive well over 63,000 searches every second of the day. This puts the average daily search at about 5.6 billion.

In the U.S., the percentage of searches that originate from a mobile device is about 63% and about 70% globally. Since SEO is about optimizing for searches, does it make sense to leave out the higher percentage of searchers?

With the greater percentage of searches coming from these devices, common sense dictates that this should actually be your main focus.

Local SEO/Search

Finally, we come to what is now known as Local Search or Local SEO. This refers to searches that are conducted to find local products or services. Such searches usually include specific locations. An example will be something like “Wedding cake bakers in San Diego”.

For the small local businesses we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this aspect of SEO is critical to their success. This is why agencies like Golden Gate SEO San Diego ensure that it is an integral part of their strategy.

Remember those daily searches we mentioned above, about 43% of them are local. So, we are looking at over 2.4 billion of these on a daily basis.

It gets even better…

  • The conversion rate of these types of queries is put at about 80 percent.
  • About half of these searchers will visit a physical business location within 24 hours of searching for it.
  • To find local businesses, products and services, about 97% of searchers rely on their searches.

The above are just three important stats out of many that show just how powerful this strategy is. If you run an agency, this MUST be part of your strategy. If you hire an agency, you MUST ensure that this is part of the package they offer you.

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Excellent post!
Mobile SEO has become necessary in 2019 to target audience on smartphone, tablet devices. Here is a checklist for Google mobile first indexing to consider by everyone:-


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