How to Seamlessly Integrate Your Expertise and Awards into Your Web Design

Most business owners spent many years and tons of effort acquiring the knowledge they have. Along the way, they may collect special expertise and awards. The average person looking for products or services may look at your authority level to see if they want to throw business to you or a competitor. Incorporating the information in your web design may be the deciding factor.

There are 1.8 billion websites today. Not all are active, but you can be sure you have some competition no matter what industry you’re in. You must find ways to stand out from the competition, or you risk getting lost in the noise of the internet.

Adding awards to your website helps you make an impact. However, you don’t want accolades to interrupt the flow of your buyer’s journey. We’ll look at some simple ways to integrate your expertise and awards into your web design and browse through a few examples of businesses making an impact.


1. Create a Separate Page

Do you have a lot of awards to highlight? A separate page allows you to show off what you’re good at without taking the user out of the sales funnel. A link to an awards page is all you need to share. They can check it out if they have questions.

You could also highlight your most recent awards on any of your landing pages as a trust factor. Just make sure the focus of the page remains on your goal for the user.

Kroger lists out some of their most recent mentions on their awards and recognition page. They make the page part of their newsroom, so they can update at any time with new points.

Ajroni Website Agency lists their awards in a specific awards page and also in service pages related to the award.


2. Highlight Customer Reviews

Customer reviews show off your expertise in an area. When you provide a service, and a client explains why you came through with flying colors, you show anyone reading the review you know your stuff.

Customer reviews can even be part of your awards page if you’d like to showcase it all on the same page.

Dataforma lists some of their recent rewards. They also show their star rating with their customers and offer for you to read more by sharing from where the ratings came. By combining the two sets of data, they show they are knowledgeable about their industry. Customers and professional organizations all agree and have given them high ratings and accolades.


3. Showcase Past Awards

While it’s excellent to show your recent accomplishments, don’t forget about older awards you may have received. Your clients can see a pattern of excellence that runs from the founding of your company through today.

Some places add a link on their awards page. Others use a timeline to show awards they’ve received in years past.


4. Bring in Customer Testimonials

Sharing customer testimonials shows why you’re an expert in your field. You can pick and choose the quotes to highlight the different benefits of doing business with your brand.

Add photos of the people to make the testimonials come to life and show you aren’t just making them up. Some places even add video testimonials to give the words a more personal edge.

Dunn Orthodontics includes a testimonials section within their About Us tab. The business highlights real customers and their words. There is also a tab to the right asking for a Google or Facebook review. The review request shows they aren’t scared to get real comments from customers and adds another layer of trust to the brand.


5. Use a Blog

You may not want a separate page for your awards. You can still highlight any recognition you receive by showcasing it on your blog. Simply add an article to your news section or plug in an interview talking about the award, why you received it and your commitment to excellence.

Sara Miller adds a post to their blog about how excited they are to have won the Best Licensed Fashion or Talent Brand award from Brand and Lifestyle Licensing Awards. Adding a note to your blog about honors helps people see how much you care about excelling without taking up valuable real estate on a landing page.


6. Praise Your Customers and Employees

When you list awards, don’t forget to praise your customers and employees when they do something fabulous. It’s great to share how well you’re doing, but don’t keep all the glory for yourself. It’s also important to show others you care about their successes.

Share a note on your blog when a customer hits a milestone. Praise your employee of the month and share why they got the honor. Look for ways to flesh out your blog, news and awards pages to showcase others besides yourself.


Brainstorm Ideas

Look at your website layout and think about which honors you most want to show off. If you win one significant award every year, you may just need to add the icon to your sidebar or in your footer. On the other hand, you may win multiple prizes and want to have a dedicated page.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to show off your expertise and awards. You simply need to ensure it doesn’t take away from the flow of your buyer’s journey while still showing the value you bring to your industry. With a little practice, you’ll get the placement and wording perfected.

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