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We’re not resellers. We will manage most aspects of your hosting with us. Your website(s) will be hosted in a high quality dedicated server using only high-end equipment. This means premium CPU, RAM, and SSD compared to cheap shared hosting. It includes FREE SSL, your own IP address, daily backups (on-site and off-site), unlimited sites, email, and much more.

Now, keep scrolling down to read all the details and to see our affordable pricing for our managed hosting.


Your website is one of your work tools and should always be up and running. It should be hosted in a proper server that is stable, fast, and reliable.

When you host your website(s) with us, you get the above along with a professionally well trained staff that excels at customer satisfaction.

What we offer is a managed hosting where you can install any type of website you would like (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, other self-hosted ecommerce system, and more).


What can you expect when you use our services?

Customer Service

We’re not happy when our customers are not happy. We’ll do what we reasonably can to ensure that you are more than content with our service and product. We’re here for our clients via tickets and live chat. When we’re not available via live chat, you can use our support ticket system to email us and we’ll reply as soon as possible. We’re very fast.

Our servers are always monitored, at all times, and we have a tech team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.



In comparison to GoDaddy, WP Engine, and other hosting companies, our Managed Hosting (high quality dedicated server – not cheap shared hosting) comes out on top. Some are 3 times the price. Add to that the amount of features you get in any of our plans, and you have a real deal.

Our pricing remains competitive, even though we offer premium hosting.

You can sign up for our plans using recurring billing. Choose between paying per month, or pre-pay for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years.

Note that you can switch to another currency using the dropdown on the left side when you access our hosting pricing page.


USD12 / m
(15 CAD – 16 AUD – 10 EUR)
7 GB disk storage space
30 GB bandwidth per month
Email service (
Unlimited websites and subdomains
7+ days auto backup + manual backups
High-end SSD
512 MB RAM
Enterprise Level DDOS/Malware Protection
Your own IP address
Free SSL for better security, PCI compliance, trust, and improved search engine ranking.
Upgrade anytime.


USD19 / m
(24 CAD – 25 AUD – 16 EUR)
15 GB disk storage space
100 GB bandwidth per month
Email service (
Unlimited websites and subdomains
7+ days auto backup + manual backups
High-end SSD
Much faster
Enterprise Level DDOS/Malware Protection
Your own IP address
Free SSL for better security, PCI compliance, trust, and improved search engine ranking.
Upgrade anytime.


USD60 / m
(80 CAD – 83 AUD – 53 EUR)
60 GB disk storage space
Unlimited bandwidth
Email service (
Unlimited websites and subdomains
7+ days auto backup + manual backups
High-end SSD
Ultra fast
Enterprise Level DDOS/Malware Protection
Your own IP address
Free SSL for better security, PCI compliance, trust, and improved search engine ranking.
Upgrade anytime.

Uptime & Reliability

We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee (it’s actually at 100% uptime as we have backup servers in case one fails, so you’re never offline. But, to protect ourselves, we say 99.99%), and the only thing that could bring our servers down are acts of God, server restarts to apply the latest updates, and hack attempts (our server will secure itself at that time and block the hacker and future attempts from that person).


Website Speed & Service

Website speed: We use high quality SSDs and make use of first-class computers to run the server. This means that you will always have a fast website. We optimize our servers and use the latest caching techniques to ensure that your site loads quickly from anywhere.

Type of service: We provide our hosting under what is known as the managed hosting. It includes cPanel. Nevertheless, we tend to behave as if we are offering a fully managed hosting service. This means that we will help you set up and take care of your hosting up to a certain extent. Example: we can take care of setting up cron jobs, DNS records, and more, or you can use cPanel to do the changes you need. We will always be there for server updates and for ensuring that our server works as it should.

Website migration: We can migrate your website(s) for you for free when you sign up or you can decide to accomplish that task on your own.

Storage (disk space) & Bandwidth: We give plenty of disk space and bandwidth in our plans. You can upgrade at any time, or request a custom plan.

Be wary of hosting companies that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth for a very cheap price. Those come with a conditional “fair-use” policy, and what they do not tell you is that if you have lots of traffic at one point, they’ll slow down your website or bring it down for a few hours. Not so unlimited after all. Unlimited storage is a vague term as physical disk drives must be used, and those drives have a certain amount of space.

While our highest plan includes unlimited bandwidth, we do offer upgrades to unlimited bandwidth for our other plans for an extra 7 USD (10 CAD) per month, which is up to the amount of bandwidth available in a drive. When you need more, we’ll add more drives to keep you up and running. Our plans already include a generous amount of bandwidth for tens or hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.


Awesome Extra Features For All Plans

Daily backups: We include 2 types of automatic backups as part of our plans.
1. Dedicated Backup Drive: Our server has an additional drive where it backs up all of your website data, database, and emails for the past 7 days, along with 2 weekly backups on Sunday, and monthly backups for 3 consecutive months on the first day of that month (totaling 12 backups at a time). You can also create your own backups at anytime and download them.
2. External Backups: Separate from the above dedicated backup drive, your website and all its data are backed up off-site for maximum backup protection. This involves real-time backups.

Unlimited domains and subdomains: You can add as many websites/domains to your account as long as you have enough storage space. You would use cPanel’s addon domain feature to add websites. We can guide you. You can even set up an alias domain.

Email: You get free unlimited email accounts for all your websites that we’re hosting. Alternatively, you can register with Microsoft Exchange, G Suite, Zoho Mail, or other email systems and add in the DNS records in cPanel. A hosted email gives you your own domain ( so that you can send emails in a professional way.

Dedicated IP: You get your own IP address. It brings many benefits and one of them is that other users in our server do not affect your account should they be caught spamming.

Staging: We can set up a staging site for you or, using cPanel, you can create a subdomain at any time. We can guide you.

SSL: We offer SSL for free. SSL provides a secure connection (great for e-commerce, ensuring that your credit card and passwords cannot be read by hackers), giving confidence to your visitors. It adds that locked padlock icon and HTTPS to your URL. It also improves your search ranking as some search engines prefer secure HTTPS websites over non-secure ones.

Protection: Advanced DDoS protection (10gbps). cPanel Virus scanner. Application firewalls and spam protection are included as well.

PHP versions: We’ll usually have the latest version of PHP (along with multiple older versions to maintain compatibility). If we don’t have a new one, just let us know and we’ll install it. You can select between different versions.

CMS installer: Easily install, in “one click”, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Prestashop, and many other content management systems. You can also manually install and host CS-Cart, X-Cart, and other shopping carts as our server surpasses the recommended speed and RAM.


Refund policy

Monthly plans: 7 days money-back guarantee.
Semi-annual plans: 7 days money-back guarantee.
1 year plans: 14 days money-back guarantee.
2 year plans: 30 days money-back guarantee.
3 year plans: 30 days money-back guarantee.

No refund after those days. You can always try out our hosting for a month and then change to another billing cycle.

Cancel anytime.

Read our full terms for more information.


So, why should you consider choosing us?

You get extremely fast website loading, quick and kind support by native English speaking staff, daily backups, superb uptime, and excellent pricing.


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