It’s very, very hard to find a good hosting company. It’s also very hard to find a good company with a caring owner and employees.

We all need a stable, fast, reliable hosting that also offers top-notch customer satisfaction! This means that the company should do what needs to be done to see you happy with their service (within reasonable limits).

That’s what I experience with WPX Hosting.

Organized Themes has been with WPX Hosting since December, 2016 and I’m not typing this review for fun. I wrote this review as I truly believe in their service and wish to promote them.



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Customer Service

Their claim is that they will answer your first live chat message within 60 seconds (average of around 26 seconds). I have experienced an average of 15 seconds so far and it has been a pleasure chatting with them. They prefer getting the job done for me and if I request more information, they provide it. That’s convenient :).

I have also emailed them a few times and I can safely say their excellent client support extends to emails as well. They reply pretty fast and are courteous.

Their CEO has truly trained them well!



I have compared their pricing with GoDaddy, WP Engine, and others and for WordPress Managed Hosting (high quality server – not cheap shared hosting), WPX Hosting comes out on top. Some are 3 times the price. Add to that the amount of features you get from WPX’s cheapest plan (amazing!), and you have a real deal. Check their latest pricing on their website: WPX Hosting.

When I last checked, their monthly price began at 24.99 USD per month and yearly at 19.99 USD per month. You can live chat with them and ask for a 2 year or even 5 year plan and they’ll give you tons of months for free (which could bring the 24.99/19.99 USD down to 15 USD per month)!

I have a 5 year plan with them and I do not see Organized Themes switching to another company at the end of the 5 years.


Uptime & Reliability

It has been nearly perfect for me, so there’s not much to say! Their service is excellent.


Website Speed & Service

Website speed: WPX Hosting uses high quality SSDs and they underload them on purpose to avoid disruption (now that’s smart!). They also make use of first-class computers to run the server. This means that you will always have a fast website. Organized Themes now loads 2.5 seconds faster with WPX Hosting. You can browse our website and see how fast it is.

Service: My website and 2 subdomains were moved within 24 hours, just as they claimed. I think it took about 10 hours only. I then switched the name servers and waited 48 hours for propagation. They installed the free SSL on all my websites and I was good to go. They also took care of other requests, such as adding cron jobs, custom DNS records, and more.


Awesome Extra Features

Staging: I recently realized that they just came out with Staging (developers should know how important that is) and added it to all their plans. This means that by pressing a button, I have a staging website set up. This is a clone of my current website under a different domain where I can do all the changes I want and test out any plugin without ruining the live site. Once I am satisfied, I can either merge the changes with one click (while keeping all the updates I have done on my live site) or delete the staging.

SSL: Unlimited SSL for all websites, making your website secure (for eCommerce and more) and HTTPS enabled.

Email: I get free emails with all my domains. I am using Google Apps for Business so I do not use WPX’s email service but if you need it, it’s there. It gives you your own domain so that you can send more trustable and professional emails.

Protection: Enterprise-level Incapsula DDoS protection. Daily malware scanning and free malware removal (not all companies offer this for free). I recall that Bluehost once charged another company that I know around $250 to remove malware. Application firewalls and spam protection are included as well.

Server location: They let you decide if you want your hosting server in the USA or in the UK.

Daily backup: Each one of my domains (that includes subdomains) has a backup for each day of the past 30 days. If I want to restore a copy of my website and its database, I can do so using their user-friendly Control Panel. Creating a manual backup can also be done at any time.


Why did Terry Kyle, their CEO, create WPX Hosting, and why should you consider choosing them?

Terry says that he tried many hosting companies and was disappointed with their service and support. He noticed needless limits imposed for no real reason, and so he decided to begin his own hosting company. I think that speaks for itself because when someone is tired of bad services, he’ll make sure his service excels.

So far, I have experienced extremely fast website loading, incredibly fast and kind live chat support (email included) from a knowledgeable and well trained staff (they usually answer a live chat within 15 seconds), superb uptime, a very user friendly backend, and excellent pricing.

The best part is this: They still treat me the same way as they have treated me before signing up with them; with respect, kindness, and professionalism!


Organized Themes recommends WPX Hosting, wholeheartedly.


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Why WPX Rocks – in their own words:

  • A ‘Staging Area’ where you can merge your Staging site version with the Live site version WITHOUT losing new blog comments or post/page changes on the Live site since the Staging version was created;
  • WPX Hosting’s 24/7/365 Support Team AVERAGE under 30 seconds response time, according to Live Chat Inc (the independent live chat platform used by WPX Hosting);
  • “FIXED FOR YOU” Guarantee: Unlike old-school hosting company support that sends you a link to an article when you get into technical trouble & expects you to fix the issue, we do it for you, FAST & FREE (and we can still send you an article link if you want!). WPX Hosting is like your own F1 pit crew, ready 24/7/365 to get your technical problems resolved fast;
  • SUPERFAST high-end new SSD servers deliberately UNDERloaded for high performance under extreme traffic loads (e.g. email marketing broadcasts, product launches);
  • UNLIMITED Free Google-Sponsored SSL Certificates Installed & Active In Under 10 Seconds;
  • PHP 7.X Enabled (Plus Earlier Versions) + http2 enabled;
  • Unlimited FREE Site Migration from your current host to WPX Hosting Within 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week;
  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting With FREE Email Included (Unlike Many Others);
  • US servers Located In The World’s Largest Data Center Along With America’s Financial Infrastructure, UK servers in London too;
  • Enterprise-level Incapsula DDoS protection on ALL plans.


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