Grassroots Theme For Organizations

We’re excited to be able to introduce our latest theme, Grassroots. This new theme for organizations is made to help with the important tasks of telling their stories and raising funds. It’s got all the great features you’ve come to expect from Organized Themes. Here are some of the highlights of what makes Grassroots such a special theme for organizations.


We’ve been building in fundraising tools in our non-profit themes for three years now, but Grassroots takes this to a new level. In the past we’ve relied solely on PayPal or user supplied options. Now we’ve created an extension that builds on the WooCommerce plugin’s platform that will allow you to raise funds right on your own site.

Now you can create campaigns as easily as you’d publish a post. Donations given toward your goal will automatically update the progress on the graph as they occur (no more manual changes!).

WooCommerce Campaign Widget

WooCommerce Campaign Widget

Plus since this is built on WooCommerce, the premiere e-commerce system for WordPress, you can take advantage of all the ecosystem offers. You can choose between various payment gateways and functionality enhancements available.

All of that together creates an excellent system for fundraising. It could also be used for crowdsourcing too. Plus you still have the ability to sell products alongside your donation campaigns should your organization wish to have that option.

Video Backgrounds

Organizations always have a compelling story to tell. The power of video can’t be beat, especially when it comes to communicating a story. To take advantage of that power, Grassroots has strong video support baked right in.

The hero section (the large area at the top of the theme) can have video backgrounds that will load automatically on page load. Plus there are video widgets to support WordPress’ already excellent handling of videos in pages/posts.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile phones have many different sizes, makers and capabilities. We’ve made Grassroots so that it will be an effective tool for your visitors wherever they choose to visit from.

Now they can contribute to a campaign from a coffee shop or football game. They can leave comments on your blog posts or learn more of what your organization’s mission is all about from the comfort of their sofa.

Since the mobile aspects are tied to specific devices only, you’ll be ready as the world of tablets, phones and smart devices continues to change and develop.

Easy to customize

Grassroots benefits from what we’ve learned creating themes with similar layouts over the last year and a half. We’ve made it simpler to use and customize than both Elite and Kerygma while actually giving you greater control.

We’re really excited about Grassroots. We think it will be an amazing theme to carry organizations forward for the next several years.

You can check out the demo or go on and purchase it today. We’d love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below.


mary May 30, 2015

does this theme come with a help manual or supporting content? is it possible to download the theme and import demo content?


    Bill Robbins May 30, 2015


    Grasaroots (and our other themes) have instructions on our support site. Once you’ve purchased the theme you can create a support account and download the theme and sample content.

    If you have any other questions, just let me know.



Rory September 28, 2014

Thank you very much. I have to make up my mind now and discuss this with my client. Best regards.


Rory September 28, 2014

Hello Bill,

thanks for your answer. Theme looks very good indeed, great job.

Thanks for the link. Which version are you using on your demo site? Is the WEB (426 X 240 @ 29.97 fps MOV8.1 MB) enough?

One more thing: does the come come with lifelong support or is it renewable on a year to year basis?

Many thanks


Bill Robbins September 28, 2014


Excellent question. I believe I went with the SD version of the theme since it does have the potential to be displayed rather large on the screen depending on the device’s size.

It does come with lifelong support. At some point this fall, we will move all new purchases to be one year of support. All previous purchases will remain at lifetime and new ones from that point will be yearly.

If you need anything else, just let me know,


Rory September 26, 2014

Hello Bill,

I really like this theme, especially with the opening video. Does it come with the theme? IF not – where is to downloadable from?



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