Google Analytics Shows that These Are the Hottest Keywords in Australia as of 2020

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is as important today as it was a decade ago, which is not something that can be said about any other facet of digital marketing. Of course, there have been additions to its range ever since the various social media websites came into being as powerful agents of digital marketing themselves. However, optimising keywords with popular search engines in mind has become just as important to social media channels today as the whole thing had always been for websites.

With that fact in perspective, it is now more important than ever to concentrate on creating SEO optimised content, irrespective of the industry you are doing business in. If the latest results from Google Analytics are to be taken into account, then these would be the most searched keywords in Australia, which are keeping SEO professionals busy in 2020.


Celebrities Are on Top

Despite everything going on in the word right now, it turns out celebrities are on top in terms of popularity in Australia! The top five celebrity keywords, which are also the hottest keywords in Australia right now, are:

  • Danielle Cohn
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Big Brother Voting
  • Meagan Gale


Weather Comes in Second

Aussies are concerned enough to put it on top of even the likes of Jane Seymour and Rob Gaylard, so let’s just assume that weather is a hot topic in the land down under. The hottest keyword in Australia right now, only after the celebrity names already mentioned above is quite literally Heat!


Soccer Makes the Final Entry

The last one on this list is going to be from the biggest sport in the world since the keyword Juventus makes its entry as one of the most searched terms from Australia on Google in 2020. Juventus is a football club/team from Italy, and it seems that they have a big following in Australia as well.


How Can You Take Advantage of the Situation?

Keywords are there to be taken advantage of, and that’s precisely what reputable companies like PWD can help you with. In terms of SEO Perth services, which both online and offline businesses trust the most, PWD is a forerunner. If your business has a base in Perth, be it online or offline, their SEO services can help you make the most of not just these keywords, but also every other keyword related directly or indirectly to your business. Check out the unique methods on their website that use SEO Perth strategies also as effective marketing techniques simultaneously.

Not only is SEO more important today than before, but it will only continue to grow in its importance for the foreseeable future. The thing is, in order to replace something, there needs to be something else that is better. This is how tech works in general and across all fields, but that is not applicable to keywords. If you think about it, what are you going to replace keywords with?

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