Freelance vs Dedicated Developers: Whom to Hire?

When planning to develop a project, many individuals face the challenge of relying on a freelance developer or utilizing dedicated developers to handle the project. Many factors come into play in choosing the best option for your project. Suppose you are stuck on whom among the developers is reliable for your project. Stick around as we discuss freelance and dedicated developers to help you decide which is best.


Working with a Freelance Developer

A freelancer is an independent contractor you can hire to help complete a project. You can find freelancers from different locations and work with them remotely, and once they complete the project, you pay them. For instance, if you want to hire JavaScript developers, you can search for freelancers on different freelancing platforms and interview them.

Once you get a qualified freelancer to handle your project, they can start working on it.


Why hire a freelance developer?


  1. Wider Pool of Experts

There are millions of freelancers. This creates a big pool of experts, and you can interview them to find a competent freelancer developer that matches your expectations at your comfort. Again, no additional costs are required to hire or onboard the freelancer.


  1. Affordable Rates

Different freelancers have different rates. Thus, you can easily find a more qualified freelancer at a cheaper rate than you would find a dedicated developer. Besides, you can employ freelancers from different areas, where they have affordable rates.


  1. Flexibility

Using a freelancer requires less supervision. You don’t have to keep monitoring the developers. Once you agree on the milestone, you can leave the freelance developer to handle the project at their convenient time.


  1. Minimal Risks

By outsourcing a freelancer to handle your project, you reduce the risk of failed projects by your dedicated team. You can find qualified experts who have specialized in a given area to develop your project, especially if your project falls outside your niche.

Again, if you have a failed project, paying the freelancer is cheaper than paying a dedicated developer for the same failed project.


Working with a Dedicated Developer

Unlike a freelance developer, a dedicated developer is a hired employee. They work in a fixed organization, and you can have them as your in-house team. Still, you can hire an organization, such as a software development company, to use their dedicated developers to handle your project.

Why use a dedicated developer?


  1. Higher Productivity

Dedicated developers have no other tasks or freelancing projects that they can multi-handle with your project. Therefore, they will channel their time and effort to see the completion of your project. Working on a fixed schedule increases their productivity, and you are guaranteed progress.


  1. Easy Monitoring

When you have dedicated developers, you can conveniently communicate with them and monitor their progress regarding your project. That way, you minimize the risk of failed projects or missed deadlines. Moreover, you can easily give feedback during the development phase.


  1. Expert Developers

Dedicated developers are experts in their field. You don’t have to spend time interviewing them to assess their skills. They are experienced and skilled in project development. Hence, they will comfortably handle and deliver a quality product.


Freelance vs Dedicated Developers: Whom to Hire?

Both freelance and dedicated developers are a good match for your project. They both fit to be employed, but the type of project and your preference can help you choose whom to hire.

If you have a small budget and are looking to hire a developer for a one-time project, then a freelancer developer is ideal. However, suppose you have a complex project that requires constant updates and monitoring. In that case, a dedicated developer is the better option, as you can get a physical team to help install and maintain your project.

For someone in need of new skills, you can decide to utilize freelancers from different locations. Ideally, there is no specific answer to who you should hire. Weigh both options and see which will work for your case.



Choosing between a freelance or dedicated developer is a challenge for most people. This post has explained why hiring each developer will work for your case. Your choice depends on your project and your preference. Hopefully, this post has given you the insight to help you make a wiser decision.

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