Create a Placeholder in WordPress Navigation

When setting up WordPress navigation, I’m often asked how do you create a “placeholder” in the navigation menu. Typically the user wants to have a drop-down menu in the navigation, but there is no need to have the top level item actually be a page on the site. They just want it there so that […]

Add Feature To Registered Post Type

All of our lovely content in WordPress (except widgets) is stored in our database as a “post type.” This could be a page, post, navigation menu or something custom like a staff member, food menu item or product. Most of the time these work great out of the box, but occasionally you may need a […]

Child Themes For The Win

Creating A Child Theme

Click here to go back to our child theme setup index.   You’ll often hear that the “right way” to customize a WordPress theme is by creating a child theme. The idea is that by placing your customizations in the child theme, when the parent theme is updated, you’ll be able to keep your customizations […]

Using Twitter Widget Pro

So you’re favorite Twitter widget may have just died when Twitter officially stopped the 1.0 version of their API. Nothing to worry about though, there are good plugins like Twitter Widget Pro that you can use to still display your latest tweets on your site. Here’s how to use it. Install the Plugin Go to […]

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