How to Build a Web Marketing Powerhouse with Freelancers

The internet has made it easy for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to get a hold of the resources they need. It doesn’t matter if you need an email marketing service, a website builder, a keyword research tool, or cybersecurity. If you know where to look, nothing can stop you from turning your online business […]

hand on laptop looking at startup landing page

Cheat Sheet to Creating a Landing Page That Converts

It’s a problem you see all too often. Businesses having fancy-looking websites, high-quality images, plugins, all the bells and whistles to make the site stand out to visitors — yet not a single sale. What’s really going on here? And, as a business owner, what can you do to fix the issue? Chances are, your […]

Create a Placeholder in WordPress Navigation

When setting up WordPress navigation, I’m often asked how do you create a “placeholder” in the navigation menu. Typically the user wants to have a drop-down menu in the navigation, but there is no need to have the top level item actually be a page on the site. They just want it there so that […]

Add Feature To Registered Post Type

All of our lovely content in WordPress (except widgets) is stored in our database as a “post type.” This could be a page, post, navigation menu or something custom like a staff member, food menu item or product. Most of the time these work great out of the box, but occasionally you may need a […]

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