Using Twitter Widget Pro

So you’re favorite Twitter widget may have just died when Twitter officially stopped the 1.0 version of their API. Nothing to worry about though, there are good plugins like Twitter Widget Pro that you can use to still display your latest tweets on your site. Here’s how to use it. Install the Plugin Go to […]

10 Useful Plugins

10 Useful WordPress Plugins

Plugins have so much to do with making your WordPress site and your experience using WordPress great. I’m often asked which plugins I recommend people use on their sites so here’s a list I’ve put together of 10 useful WordPress plugins. The list has been growing so there are now more than 10 useful WordPress […]

A/B Testing That's Easy To Use

How To Do A/B Testing Easily

Recently it has become shocking easy to set up A/B tests on your own website. A number of companies such as Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer have made experimenting with your site simple, accurate and fun. I’ve spent the last two months running trials with both services and have been thoroughly pleased with the results. […]