Plugins for Your Church

Plugins are a great feature of WordPress, but they change and new ones are introduced all the time, so we need to keep a look out for which ones are the most effective for our needs. This is a quick list of 9 plugins that I use in most every church site I create.

Media Theme Preview

I’ve been hard at work on a new theme to be released quite soon, but I can’t resist showing you a bit of what it will look like.  I’m calling this one Media Theme.  It is going to be available in two versions: one for businesses or individuals, the other for churches.  It will feature […]

Many Thanks to My Customers

I want to thank all of my incredible customers for making August 2009 the best month in the history of Organized Themes.  The two for the price of one birthday special was such a great success, that you can expect to see it around for some time to come. Here is what is coming up: […]

Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Ever wondered how many people visited your site last week?  Would you believe you can find out information like that for absolutely free?  Google offers a tremendous product called Analytics that you can use to keep track of visitors.  You simply sign up at and they will provide you with some code for your […]

Thank You International Visitors

WordPress is a global platform.  It has been localized into many languages and is easy to use all over our planet.  For a long time, I’ve had visitors from various countries, but today I was shocked to realize just how many countries have visited Organized Themes since we launched last year. As of this afternoon, […]

Speed Up WordPress

I am a big fan of WordPress obviously, but one of its shortcomings is the fact that it lives on a far away sever which makes editing and writing content less snappy than it should be.  When I’m developing a theme or a site for a client, I use a local copy of WordPress for […]

Great Gallery Plugin

I have been a fan of the Featured Content Gallery plugin since I discovered it about a year ago or so.  I’ve used in in multiple websites and found it to be a great way to connect posts or pages to an image.  But it does have its issues.  For starters it uses Moo Tools […]

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