Agency Update

Agency Theme Update

One of our customer favorites just had a major update. Meet Agency theme, version 2.1.

Agency Theme

We’ve made lots of changes to this popular theme. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Theme Customizer Support — add your logo, colors and backgrounds and what the changes live on your site.
  • More color options — choose just about any color in the theme from the customizer.
  • Google Fonts — choose from over 100 of the best Google fonts for your site.
  • Automatic Updates — now you can update your theme from inside your dashboard just like a plugin.
  • Easier slideshow management.
  • Complete code audit to improve efficiency and improve compatibility.

You can download the update from our support site or if you haven’t bought it yet, you can purchase Agency for $49 and download it immediately.


Bill Jones May 10, 2014

Hi Bill.

I graduated from Ramsay in 1960 so running across a fellow Birminghamian so far away from my old home is unexpected.

I’m currently supporting a web sire for an amateur radio emergency communications service organization and your ‘Agency’ theme seems like a good fit. What can you tell me about it? Adaptability? Extendability? Price? License fees?

Our group is 100% volunteer with minimal funding so any expenses come out of my pocket, which isn’t very deep now that I’m retired. :/

I spent the last 35 years developing software, the last 10 years of which was working in Java and JSP so I kind of know my way around computer stuff.

Thanks for your time,


    Bill Robbins May 12, 2014

    Hello Bill,

    It’s always good to meet someone from Birmingham. My wife and I both came here to go to Samford and ended up just loving the city so we decided to make this place home.

    Great questions. I try to make all of our themes as flexible as possible. You can customize just about all the colors, logo, fonts, background from inside the theme customizer. It’ll let you see how things look on the front end of your site, while you’re making your design choices on the backend.

    It plays nicely with most plugins so you can extend the functionality and features that way if you need to.

    It cost $49, a one time fee and you’re welcome to use it on as many sites as you’d like to. There are no limits in how you use it.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.



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