A Guide to Creating the Perfect Business Website

A Guide to Creating the Perfect Business Website That Customers Will Want to Visit

If you’ve created a business to be proud of, then you’ll want your website to reflect that. Here’s how you can ensure you create the perfect business website which will fully endorse what you do.

First, Establish Your Brand Image

In order to make a website which perfectly suits your business image and provides the impression you best want to give, you first need to establish exactly what that is. This is essential for those start-up companies who are looking to make a great first impression.

If you’re unsure in the initial stages, seeking the guidance of an agency like clickintelligence.com, who are skilled in all areas of marketing, can be beneficial to you.

Incorporate this Brand Image into Everything You Do

Once you’re fully sure regarding the image you want to represent, you should work out how best to fit this into your website design. This includes tone of voice, font choice, colour choice and content decisions. Even something as simple as a font can present the wrong image; if your text is illegible or in contradiction to your business brand – such as a playful, quirky font when your business is a professional and mature service – this can present a confusing business image to a consumer.

There is no reason you can’t amend certain things during the development process, but ensure that your website never goes live before you’re absolutely certain that it presents the right image. You may think it’s okay to amend a live website, but if certain consumers have already seen it and been deterred by it, you may already have lost a customer.

Create a Theme Which Matches Your Product or Service

You need to decide what it is exactly that you need your website to do. Is it an eCommerce website which you will use to sell products? Is it an informative website to allow customers to learn about what you do? Will it be a demonstrative website to which the majority of your content will be video demonstrations?

Once you know what your website needs to do, you can better implement this in line with your business theme and tone. The appearance of your website personalization should match this intention.

Make an Easy-to-Use Navigation System

Even if your website looks fantastic and has the highest quality of content, this will mean nothing if your consumer can’t properly navigate your website and becomes frustrated as a result. You should make it as easy as possible for any consumer to find everything they need on your website. This means legible navigation icons, including easy to read tabs and subcategories, and a menu which is visible at all times, no matter which page the consumer is on.

It’s a good idea to implement relevant headers and footers to every page, so that a consumer can easily see their options at all times.

When designing and creating your business website, put yourself in the shoes of your consumer: what would you like to see from a website, how easy would you need it to be, and if you were searching for a specific product, how easy would you find your website in terms of navigation?

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