5 Reasons Security on Your Website is a Must

You can’t help but hear about major security breaches that are happening to big businesses around the world. When massive companies such as EasyJet, LinkedIn, Adobe, and the Marriott get hacked, you better believe it can happen to you if you’re not taking security seriously. So, here are 5 reasons security is a must on your website.


It’s Your Brand That’s at Risk

Your website is one of the most visible parts of your branding, and it helps people form an image of your business. If that website looks like it doesn’t take security seriously, then people are going to assume the same thing of your company.

People are very aware of the risks of things like online fraud, and they’re not going to take a risk with a website that doesn’t seem secure.

This dents your revenues, but it’s even worse if you suffer a big hack that makes the news. We hear about big companies suffering data breaches all the time, and it really knocks their brand image and their revenues.


Your Website Should Build Trust

Your website is often the first point of contact a person has with your business, and it should serve as a starting point for a successful relationship. However, if your website is showing signs that it’s been compromised, it’s impossible to build the trust that’s necessary to begin that relationship.

Website security might not be straightforward, but people expect you to take the necessary steps to keep them safe online, and if you don’t, you lose all trust. By making sure to install programs such as a SonicWall SMA appliance, you’re showing your customers that you take their security seriously and can be trusted.


Security Breaches are Prevalent

We hear a lot about major security breaches in the news, but what we don’t hear about all the little ones that happen every day.  Hacks and data breaches happen to every kind of company, whether they’re small or large, and nobody is impervious.

This is why security should be one of your first concerns on your website. Otherwise, you just make it easy for the people who wish to damage your company and extort money from you.


It Can Damage Your SEO

A hack can have terrible consequences for your SEO, resulting in your website being blacklisted by Google. While Google offers tools to help you recover from a hack, and will notify you in your Google Search Console, it can’t afford to send people to a compromised website, and so it’s going to have a major impact on your organic traffic.

When you’ve put years and years of hard work into appearing at the top of the rankings, this can be a devastating blow, but the better your security is, the more you limit the chances of your website being compromised.


It’s Expensive to Clean Up

It can be very expensive to return things to normal after a security breach and can end up costing you a lot more than it would have to run top-level security in the first place.

Security might be an upfront investment, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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