5 Landing Page Design Tips to Improve Conversion

For every marketing campaign, its landing page is the backbone. By providing short-term targets, landing pages assist you in establishing customer satisfaction and increasing profits.

Designing a landing page takes numerous things into consideration. You not only have to make sure that its copy targets the audience’s pain points, but also have to consider that it looks appealing. It should use the right words, a perfect color scheme, and a captivating layout. Besides, you have to make it interactive while ensuring that it attracts the audience.

Since a lot depends on it, designing one can be an overwhelming task. To help you with that, here are 5 landing page design tips to improve conversion.


Designing a Landing Page: First Things First

Before you start designing the landing page, make sure to carry out proper research. Here are few things that you must consider for building a landing page that converts:

  1. Perform thorough research for who your target audience is and what are their pain points.
  2. See what your competitors are doing to gauge the market trends.
  3. Set one clear goal for your landing page.
  4. Carry out the keyword research for the product or service you want to sell.
  5. Write a concise and captivating copy that highlights your product’s benefits and how it will be useful for your customers.
  6. Select attention-grabbing images or graphics.
  7. Follow the SEO best practices to rank your landing page.


How to Design a Landing Page That Converts?

Now that you have done complete research, you can start designing your landing page. Here are 5 landing page design tips to improve conversion rate!


Sketch the Layout With Appealing Theme

In the beginning, you might get carried away by the idea of trying everything unique on your landing page. However, the key here is to cover the basics. So, start with planning a simple layout of your landing page. Strategize where you will position all the elements of the page like headline, copy blocks, social proofs, images, and call-to-action button. Then select an appealing theme with a color scheme relevant to the niche.

If you find that difficult, you can use a drag-and-drop page builder like Divi, Beaver, or Elementor. Even better if you use one that’s specifically for creating landing pages like the OptimizePress plugin. It is an all-in-one tool for marketing websites through which you can easily build landing pages.


Use Intelligible Typography

Simplicity and elegance go for the typography too. There is no need to use any funky fonts which can be unintelligible for your audience. Your compelling copy, if written in such font, can create confusion and mistrust in visitors’ minds.

Subsequently, use the fonts considering the niche of the landing page. For instance, if you are building a landing page for a digital marketing service you can use bright colors and fancy fonts. However, you can’t use the same for an educational site.

You can use Google fonts on your landing pages. It’s handy for two reasons: first, it provides you with tons of decent fonts; second, it will optimize the speed of your landing page because it’s compatible with all browsers.


Use Prominent CTA Buttons

One of the most important elements on the landing page is the call-to-action button so it needs to be prominent. Through a call-to-action (CTA) you can make the visitor perform an action like signing up for an email list, buying a product or service, requesting a free trial, downloading something, or any other action.

You must consider a few things for creating a powerful CTA. Firstly, there should be only one clear CTA that will reflect the objective of your landing page. Secondly, you should place it at the top and the end, so if the visitor scrolls down directly to the bottom, they still find the CTA. Lastly, you should use engaging text and attention-grabbing graphics to make it look prominent.


Make it Interactive Keeping in View Mobile-Friendliness

Most businesses design their sites considering how it looks on the desktop. However, around 55% of web traffic includes mobile users. So, if you do not optimize your landing page for mobile users, you will be missing out on more than half of the internet population. This means you are not successfully converting those leads into paying customers.

To enhance the interactivity on your landing page you should optimize it for the first input delay and cumulative layout shift. For this, you can perform the mobile-friendliness test of your landing page to assess its performance on mobile.


Must Perform A/B Testing

Even after following the best practices for designing a landing page, you should be trying out multiple options. A/B split testing allows you to identify which landing page design will perform better. For marketing campaigns, it is one of the most crucial parts. Through this, you can test different headlines, layouts, themes, CTAs, etc., to get the winning combination at the end.

A/B split test is an ideal method of boosting the conversion rate of your landing page. There are various plugins on WordPress for A/B split tests; these include Neilo A/B Testing, Unbounce Landing Pages, and OptimizePress.


Final Thoughts

No matter from which platform you generate the traffic, you need a landing page for it. Therefore, your entire marketing campaign depends on how well it performs. You can certainly improve your conversion rate by designing an apt landing page.

There are few key factors that you must consider in order to boost sales. You should sketch a plain layout of the page and strategize the position of different elements. Use themes and fonts that are appropriate for the niche. Then, you must have a clear and prominent CTA button that compels the visitors to take an action. In addition to that, your landing page should also be mobile-friendly and interactive. Lastly, you should always perform the A/B split test for the landing page so that you can get the right combination at the end.

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