4 Beginner-Friendly Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

In the online sphere, they say that content is king. And they are right. Without good, informative content, even the best-designed sites won’t get you anywhere. But, if no one can understand what you have written, then it is a lost cause. That’s why choosing the best design for your website is an important affair.

Picking a theme for your site is often more than just looking at the design. You need to look at the features, the support, the cost, the scope for SEO, and whether it can be used for your business.

Thus, deciding on a WordPress theme can become a challenging task, especially for beginners. There are thousands of themes with different options to choose from making it hard to make the right choice. But it need not be so confusing.

Here are some beginner-friendly tips that you should keep in mind when you are choosing the best WordPress theme for your site.


#1 Outline your requirements

Having an idea of what you want from your design, seems like a good place to start your quest for the best WordPress theme. Your objective for having a website sets a tone for the kind of theme that would be compatible with your business.

You can then choose a niche theme that is set up to suit your requirements. It will have features that are coherent with your business. For example, Mise En Place is a great theme for restaurant owners to represent their business online. So etch out your objectives and the functionality that you may require on the design front.

It is also a good idea to figure out the budget you are working with when choosing your WordPress theme. This will help you streamline the list of themes that you have to consider. There are several free themes available as well. Check the coding standards and updates though before opting for such alternatives.


#2 Opt for a lightweight theme

It is well established that internet dwellers are impatient. Hence, choosing a lightweight theme can make your website load faster. Such themes allow optimizing the website’s design such that your website loads under the ideal three to four seconds time frame. Refrain from using feature-rich themes as you might not use the majority of the effects. These files will be needlessly large and increase your page’s load time.

As the website theme is all about design, a bloat-free layout is absolutely necessary. Several multipurpose themes are filled with too much clutter and end up making your website sluggish and unprofessional. Consider the options that work out-of-the-box without necessarily depending on WordPress plugins.

Choosing such themes does not indicate that you have to compromise on the quality of your brand’s website. There are several themes out there that possess appealing aesthetics and facilitate superior designs.


#3 Test the design

Most of the WordPress themes you might come across will have the word “responsive” listed under their features. But you should always check their responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility thoroughly. You can make the most of your theme when it enables your website to render perfectly on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and across browsers like Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

Check for the SEO-friendliness -of the themes that you shortlist. It plays a huge role in the ranking on the search result pages. Conduct an SEO audit of your website to ensure that it can achieve high visibility on search engines.

Your theme should also tick off the boxes like plugin support, customization options, eCommerce ready, and visually complementing the content of your website. The design choices and the navigation pattern of the theme should be intuitive to use and explore, especially for new visitors.


#4 Discuss support and updates

As someone who is not well acquainted with the arena of WordPress themes, you should seek recommendations from experts to back the reliable online sources. Irrespective of the theme you choose to go with, you are going to require the developer’s support at some point.

Look into the developer’s support policies and get in touch with their team to estimate the level of help you will receive. You can also conduct a quick check of the documentation that the company can provide as a theme with thorough and easy-to-follow documentation is always a good sign.

Moreover, you can also check how frequently developers roll out updates of the theme. Analyze the recent updates and analyze how they have improved the designs. This will help you shortlist a theme that can keep pace with the frequent WordPress updates.


Wrapping up

Hopefully, these guidelines can help narrow down your theme options. Make sure you look for high-quality code, compatibility with plugins, and SEO friendliness from your themes. The refinement of your WordPress website involves identifying the right look and feel for the site. Therefore, conducting ample research and seeking help from experts can save a lot of time. These tips are curated with a similar aim to make this tedious process a less complicated one.

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