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2018 Kerygma redesign

I’d like to announce the new Kerygma redesign!

We have been working on this for the past month and a half and while there were delays, we managed to make Kerygma even better. You can now add your own layouts using the included Page Builder. If you prefer the older “widgetized” style, you can still use that one. See our theme details and demo to get an idea of what to expect and then imagine the limitless possibilities using the new page builder.

Please, by all means, let me know by contacting us if you find any issue and we’ll get it resolved as soon as possible!

To safely update your theme, follow our documentation.


March 22, 2018 – version 2.0
2018 complete redesign. New footer. Now using Page Builder by SiteOrigin. New sticky header. Improved homepage layout, fonts, colors, and more.

– includes/custom-js.php – added JS based on theme options.
– includes/custom-css.php – added CSS based on theme options.
– includes/options.php – added/edited theme options.
– includes/theme-customizer.php – added/edited theme options.
– includes/widget-video-presentation.php – video presentation widget.
– includes/theme-plugins.php – added recommended plugins.
– layouts/hero-options.php – added CSS based on theme options.
– header.php – added sticky header. You can activate it now and when scrolling down, the header will stay visible.
– style.css – added new styles, fixed bugs.

Have a blessed week!

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